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Orrilius Firandriir (ore-ill-ee-us fur-an-dreer)

Grandest Father Orrilius Firandriir (a.k.a. King of the Fey)

Divine Domains

For Clerics

Knowledge, Life, Nature

For Warlocks

The Archfey

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A white star under the arch of antlers.

Tenets of Faith

  • Nature is only a friend if you give it kindness.
  • To know evil, it will always seek destruction.


The Day of Father’s Star

Every year, many elves and fey creatures gather around the 1st of Early Vibrant to celebrate the annual glow of Orrilius' star. It’s a new year celebration to remember and celebrate life and those lost during the year. Many pray to the Grandest Father that he will guide them to a better future or simply their wellbeing. Afterward, parties are held in joyous occasion while under the star's light.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

See to the prosperous wellbeing and guidance of the Feydom and all who are descended of Elvarid.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

The Death of Ellakah

Beloved and together, Ellakah would be the Grandest Mother of the fey. She would be the best companion to help teach the little fey and elves of manners and respect.

During the Necromantic when the Feywilds campaign was nearing its end, Orrilius with his dear Ellakah would face off with Sar'Ganockt and Arkengrath. Orrilius went straight for that dark lord but, there was one thing that would demoralize his spirit: his wife's death.

Without Orrilius to distract Arkengrath, Sar'Ganockt would never have tasted defeat. Ellakah fought valiantly but she was crushed like a twig when the Tamer saw the cost it took to even compete with the Butcher of Falderin.

Arkengrath's looming presence blotted the sun from his eyes in his despair. Out of a sadistic mercy, Orrilius fled with his wife's body in exile until the end of the war. His peaceful and cheery nature has forever been scarred. He refuses to ever come across Arkengrath ever again out of fear he could commit to something even more vile.


Despite being the father of the elves, he is known to disown the sadarren. He believes they are the malignant manifestation of wanton vengeance and hatred. He knows of their origin and how they were molded by the Arkonian Order's corrupt passion.


Orrilius Firandriir

spouse (Vital)

Towards Ellakah Firandriir



Ellakah Firandriir

spouse (Vital)

Towards Orrilius Firandriir



Barenor Firandriir

Son (Trivial)

Towards Orrilius Firandriir



Orrilius Firandriir

Father (Important)

Towards Barenor Firandriir



Divine Classification
Neutral Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • King of the Fey
  • Grandest Father
Date of Birth
23rd of Early Ardent
Year of Birth
605 PE 2325 Years old
Known Languages
Anyone of fey ancestry can understand him as if it were some form of a mental link.
Ruled Locations

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