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Barenor Firandriir (Bair-a-nore fur-an-dreer)

Son of Orrilius

Barenor Firandriir (a.k.a. Nature's Sibling)

Nature is a very precious thing. Many are curious how to even tame it or even dominate it. That's what they have wrong about it. The natural world doesn't want to be restrained, it seeks to flourish in every nook and cranny. That is why I am a fluent speaker with the ways of the wilds and why it listens.

— Barenor

Divine Domains

For Clerics

Life, Nature, Tempest

For Warlocks

The Archfey

Tenets of Faith

  • You are not a slave or owner to nature.
  • Partner with the natural world for your benefit and of the natural world. The trees provide you fruitful sustenance so it’s only fair you provide it water.


Thunder Fall

This beloved holiday is a precious time for nivallen especially. It’s during the Hollow months when a massive storm in Thracallia arrives. It’s strong but not as much compared to a hurricane. It’s during the heavy rainfall, thunder, and lightning that nivallen utilize their nature-based magic to conduct all sorts of fun and chaotic antics.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Barenor seeks to spread an understanding of nature that what the forests and the natural world provide is not to be taken for granted or worshipped. It is to be utilized as a partnership between you and her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Attuning to Nature

As a kid, he always admired the beauty and serenity the woodlands of Elvarid offered. Every chance he could get, he would run outside and play among the trees and exotic wildlife. This would be where he developed his talent in understanding the natural world. It’s because of this experience, he felt a kinship with the nature which his father found odd and his mother was indifferent about.

Then came the time his city’s home was besieged by an orc horde during a thunderstorm. Barenor has practiced with this strange nature-based magic a bit before and got a brilliant idea. He called on the storm above and caused lightning strikes to zap the invaders, breaking the siege swiftly afterwards.

Exiled to Florenelle

Orrilius was infuriated with his son. Not because he risked himself to the orcs but instead utilized the natural world to cause harm. This exploitation put fear in the Grandest Father, as he worried if nature would retaliate and punish the Faene. He made the tough choice to exile Barenor into Florenelle, as Elvarid. In Elvarid, it’s considered the source and heart of the natural world in Faene eyes.

A Happier Lifestyle

Barenor settled around the middle of Thracallia along with those who sympathized with him. Because of their lifestyle consistently involving the woodlands, the nivallen elves would form, one of the first instances that prove elven peoples are sensitive to their environments and thus adapt accordingly.

Regardless, Barenor would fall in love with Ardentia, the spirit that lived around a region called Pineveil. She took pity on him and loved the new livelihood the forest took on. The two connected with ease and fell for each other just as quickly. The two have watched over the nivallen ever since.

Necromatic War Era

Barenor’s naivety would strike him again during the Necromantic War. He figured his people would be safe while he oversaw Elvarid’s defenses with his father. Though exiled, the Arkonian Order unified the elven species against the threat. He surrendered with his father when Arkengrath had killed his mother, Ellakah.

In the Restored Age

While he was away from his nivallen followers, they had branched off into their own tribes because of disagreements. Some had wanted a casual relation with their eladrin cousins when they entered into Thracallia to found the Province of Regalia. Others wanted to chase them back into Elvarid as consequence for what occurred to their master.

Barenor currently resides in Pineveil. He has been quiet ever since the Feydom's loss at Falderin. Though, some say he has actually been poking around the world, influencing things discreetly. It's believed he uses the Branch Wardens to unify the nivallen ever so carefully.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Used the storms to destroy an orc siege.
  • Married an entity known as Ardentia, the Lady of Pineveil

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Exiled from Elvarid from his father, Orrilius.
  • Lost at the Battle of Falderin during the Necromantic War.

Morality & Philosophy

Barenor sees nature more as a partner in crime than something that should stand aside and be praised for standing still. It’s a belief contrary to his father’s and why he was exiled. Regardless, his philosophy has remained unchanged.

Personality Characteristics


Orrilius would rather live around nature than actually embracing it. Barenor seeks to perfect the living world and let it prosper.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

As a master over nature, Barenor understands the natural world like an instinct. He is a whisperer among animals and knows exactly how to treat a wilting plant.


Family Ties

Barenor is the son of Orrilius and Ellakah. His relationship with his father is mixed. The two are content with each other enough to have civility but they still prefer keeping a silent peace between each other.

He married Ardentia, the Lady of Pineveil.


Barenor Firandriir

Son (Trivial)

Towards Orrilius Firandriir



Orrilius Firandriir

Father (Important)

Towards Barenor Firandriir



Barenor Firandriir

Son (Trivial)

Towards Ellakah Firandriir



Ellakah Firandriir

Mother (Important)

Towards Barenor Firandriir



Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Eldest Sibling
  • Nature's Sibling
Date of Birth
23rd of Early Vibrant
Year of Birth
356 PE 2076 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to Orrilius and Ellakah
Wooden Brown
Timber brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light Tan
120 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
First my father exiles me here to Thracallia only for you eladrin to come here because of a war you helped the Coalition stir. Now, you expect special treatment from us to accommodate your sprawling towns and hamlets? I believe the contrary.
— Barenor to Duke Windell
Known Languages

Common, Elvish, Sylvan

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