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Ellakah Firandriir (Ell-uh-kuh fur-an-dreer)

Grandest Mother Ellakah Firandriir

To acquire the following information was by asking both Orrilius and Barenor about her. Though she may be dead, elves have a strangely longer emotional lapse than other races, thus making her death the longest grieving period recorded.
— Professor Turnwall


Day of Gratitude

Day of Gratitude is a strange Faene holiday on the 1st of Early Vibrant. The spirit behind the festivities is both a memorial to those that were lost and celebration to having lived another year.

Participants pay homage to their “family garden” during the morning. It is common to pick a certain dead friend, relative, or icon to remember. Those who are unsure who to grieve often default to Ellakah.

Then in the evening, there are celebrations to life with family and friends. Songs dedicated to Ellakah and the new year ahead are sung.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before the Necromantic War

Ellakah was the first among the Faene, along with Orrilius, to really refine all things that are fey and eventually unite them under a common union. Instead of mindlessly roaming the wilderness without any sense of purpose, these two provided a means of family and community. Eventually it would blossom into becoming the Feydom but not quite with the "confederacy" part until the drow had split off from a horrific excavation incident and were found eventually.

Soon, both she and Orrilius would have children. One particular troublesome child was Barenor. He was a prodigy in understanding nature and could commune with plants and animals with ease. He would soon utilize strange nature-based magic to call on lightning storms to destroy a besieging orc horde. Orrilius believed it best to exile him to Florenelle while she reluctantly agreed. They feared that the domain of nature might retaliate against the Faene as a consequence.

Eventually the dark times would come. News of necromancy's founding shocked the Faene. Ellakah and Orrilius feared that it would taint the sanctity of Elvarid and spoil it all with dark magic.

During the Necromantic War

The Elvarid campaign was the first concentrated effort of the allegiances to fight one another. The Arkonian Order sought to eliminate a major power while the Feydom sought to purge out the darkness. However, the new science and practice of necromancy stumped many strategists, as fighting the threat only grew it more in numbers. They would eventually have to retreat to Falderin for a last stand.

Ellakah, Orrilius, and Barenor fought bravely there. The Grandest Mother even fought against Sar'Ganockt out in the field, defeating the lumbering abomination through grace and speed. A victory through a thousand cuts to bring him down.

Then came Arkengrath. The Overlord of Arkonia casted various dark and debilitating spells at her, slowing her down and weakening her strength. It was then Arkengrath had picked her up by a chokehold and broke her from there. Cast aside at her husband's feet with no sense of dignity, the Feydom Confederacy centered in Elvarid had surrendered.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments


Family Ties

She was married to Orrilius Firandriir and was the mother of Barenor Firandriir.


Orrilius Firandriir

spouse (Vital)

Towards Ellakah Firandriir



Ellakah Firandriir

spouse (Vital)

Towards Orrilius Firandriir



Barenor Firandriir

Son (Trivial)

Towards Ellakah Firandriir



Ellakah Firandriir

Mother (Important)

Towards Barenor Firandriir



Divine Classification
Chaotic Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Grandest Mother
  • Queen of the Fey
Date of Birth
1st of Early Vibrant
594 PE 56 PE 538 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Arkengrath
Cyan Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Golden Hue
110 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
We all stem from the same tree. As such, all life, even nature, must be respected.
Aligned Organization

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