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The Founder of Necromancy

Nerivus (a.k.a. Arkengrath)

The Tamer is the only creature I will ever bow to. Arkengrath brought countless years of glory and fulfilled promises to the Order. For why should we fear death when he and our Order shall return life unto us? The hunt will never end!
— Sar’Ganockt’s view of Arkengrath.

Divine Domains

For Clerics:

Arcana, Death

For Warlocks:

The Undead

Holy Books & Codes

Tesk Arkinith Vordt

When translated from Abyssal into Common, it means "The King's Words." This book is a collection of stories compiled by the Arkonian Dreadlords as to why they commit to this war for survival.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Cracked Skull

A signature symbol of Arkengrath and his Order is the Cracked Skull. It depicts a skull representing death and a signature crack that leaves a slight cavity on the top that represents that death is broken.

Tenets of Faith

  • Fear is a tool to deter your foes.
  • Death doesn't have to be the end.


Mourning Day

To many Arkonians, the defeat at the First Battle of Vrexen is a sour topic. All of their hopes and aspirations would be stomped on by the Consulate and their lackeys. To ease the anguish that is felt, a small gathering will collect a corpse (preferably one of their own). They then raise the body, whether with or without a soul, as a symbol that Necromancy still lives.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  • Cease the fear and existence of death.

Physical Description

Body Features

Arkengrath is noted throughout Precursor history as being a tall and pale vren. His hands grew sharper over the course of the Necromantic War, as lethality grew more and more as a necessity for him.

Facial Features

Arkengrath has gaunt features all around his face. His head sort of shapes as a teardrop. His eyes glare with bitter yet scornful rage. Just looking into his seemingly exhausted appearance, it suggests he has seen countless fights

Special abilities

Arkengrath holds an an intensive mastery over the arcane arts. The school of necromancy, being that he personally founded it, is one of his core masteries.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The founder of both Necromancy and the Arkonian Order. When he first introduced Necromancy to the Consulate, or the top leaders of Vrexen, they were horrified to see what crooked magic Nerivus had concocted. In order to keep this power restrained, the Consuls sought out to purge both him and his discovery. They underestimated Nerivus, as he had followers who also feared death as he did. They would call him Arkengrath, the king of Arkonia. He would lead a great crusade to not only keep Necromancy alive but to also avoid death itself.


Arkengrath studied under the Consulate, particularly with Spontane, founder of Conjuration, and Temerion, founder of Transmutation. Their teachings helped inspire Arkengrath to pursue the school of necromancy he hoped to bring about.

All of that talent, all of that skill in manipulating the world around us, he decided to use it in unusual ways. We should have known something was going wrong when he kept his research secret.
— Spontane

Accomplishments & Achievements

I told them about my plans to live forever. My peers laughed, believing me naive and a visionary. After watching them fade from those wasted years, they laugh no more and look to me for their youthful return. Funny how that works, is it not?
— Nerivus

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Defeated during the Necromantic War.
  • Defeated at the Second Battle of Vrexen

Personality Characteristics


Arkengrath seeks to live forever. Through the teachings of necromancy, he hopes that it will inspire his followers into the same sort of motivation.



Rival (Important)

Towards Arkengrath




Rival (Important)

Towards Tabith



Relationship Reasoning

Arkengrath became the first person to defy death through the founding of Necromancy. This would stir an unending resentment from Tabith toward this "Tamer."

Divine Classification
Lawful Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Tamer of Death
  • King of Arkonia
  • Founder of Necromancy
Circumstances of Birth
Born to a household of wealthy mages
Circumstances of Death
Killed by the combined might of the Coalition's forces
Place of Death
Soulless black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deathly pale
188 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Death itself bows to my feet."
"Upon my return, we will launch a campaign against Vrexen first! I intend to correct that failure once and for all! Now, let me see my followers. Let them know their savior from death has returned!"
Known Languages
Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Sylvan, Undercommon, Vrennic

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