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Dominion of Argatok (arr-guh-tokk)

The society of both dragon guardians and their descendants.

Argaton Characters

Argatons can seem as very stern and unyielding companions. In truth, once you sneak past their steely personality, you can sometimes find a melted jelly inside. Consider the following when creating an Argaton character:

Troubles with Lizardfolk

Especially if you are from the mainland of Argatok, consider where you stand against lizardfolk. Should they finally be wiped clean from the continent for year after year of countless bloodshed? Perhaps peace is an optional route that can be taken instead, perhaps as a future ally if things go well.

Dominion Origin

Like a feudal society where kings grant lords land to rule over, Argaton operates very similarly. Instead of a mere kobold overseeing its use and wellbeing, a tried and true dragon rules this granted land called a dominion. So what kind of lifestyle has your dragon lord set? Are they reclusive and only mingle with their subjects to resolve inner disputes? Are they control-freaks and want to oversee every aspect and function within their domain?

Old Coalition Ties

The Coalition is the oldest recorded alliance between the Feydom Confederacy, Dominion of Argatok, and Vrexen. There haven't been many emergencies for the alliance to call upon itself to aid its friends. Perhaps it's best to let old ties break away? Maybe a dire emergency could rise again and the Coalition's combined strength may just be enough to take down whatever threat there is.



Dragon king, as it is translated from Draconic. They are chosen by the dragonkin, such as kobolds and half-dragons. Their position is having the greatest influence in all affairs.


Dragon Duke, as translated from Draconic. They are dragons who oversee a specified region on Drakmir. They are appointed by the Drakrev every 10 years.


Draconic Aspirations

To a people defined by their dragon heritage, they aspire to become them, whether through personality, wealth, or even in their appearance. Not necessarily because of upholding a tradition, though some do, but purely because of the appeal and awe of dragons.

Hardy, Reliable, and Tough

There is not a lot of patience for incompetence. Sheer merit alone is enough to impress and climb the social ranks. They’re good sports and love a hardy and fair contest no matter the skill, so long as the contestants are a good matchup.

Demography and Population


Dragonborns, kobolds, and half-dragons make up the population. Generally, half-dragons are considered "mini princes" for their close heritage to the Guardians. They all are bundled under this term to describe their unity in the face of dragons.


Dragon Breath Type Domain Terrain
Gortruse Fire Hilderbeg Hilly Plains
Kraven Fire Kalvedar Volcanic
Thundrama Lightning Sundrathurn Mountainous
Venisul Poison Charak Jungle Coastline

Foreign Relations

Lizardfolk Remnants

For years, the Argatons have been at odds with lizardfolk tribes due to them being underlings of the Empire of Coatala. Some clusters take pride in their roots to restore Slethehosk and seek conquering Drakmir. Other groups can be more primitive and simplistic with their approach but they can still pose a danger. Should these tribes struggle more than usual for survival, the Argatons are often picked for their valuables. Usually they use massive reptiles to compensate for their lack of dragons being aligned with them.

Arkonian Order

Because dragons can often live long lifespans, a handful of them being Duldraks especially, know what the Arkonian Order can do and has done. The only thing holding back a massive dragon assault onto Grathenvok is the old Coalition alliance. The veterans and old guard may recall the horrors but generations raised in the Restoration Era do not and would rather focus their stress on the Calvoran powers or lizardfolk problems.


These new softer occupiers are strange. Their weapons spout fire and pointy sticks can be placed at the end of it. They pursue the agenda of expanding their colonies to gain resources to counter their rival. They pay pretty heavily just to get a dragon scale as a souvenir. To some dragons, they are split and are enduring a civil war akin to their own and must be united before they tear themselves apart. Other dragons deem that a hard lesson must be learned and resolved by themselves.

The Old Coalition

The old alliance Argatok has been in since the Necromantic War. Many respect what it entails but often neglect their responsibilities in upholding it for as long as they can. Regardless, they often need to be budged to do their part.

Feydom Confederacy

There is a sense of comradery with the eladrin. They boldly held a good fight against the Arkonian Order. Though, they thought they could hide behind our dragons and have us do all the heavy lifting. Their sincerity when cooperating together should be under as much scrutiny and questioning as possible. Losing a dragon should never be taken lightly.


Vren. These snobs hide on their island frequently telling others what to do about magic and our alliance. They can be commended for teaching us their arcana and aiding us in critical points at best. Otherwise, respect is only given until they put their hides next to us than hiding away.

A dragon’s roar is mightier than a thousand men.

Dragons of House Golyithax
Gortruse (gold), Maw (silver), Jestrid (Copper), Somnira (Brass), Pulminax (Bronze)
Dragons of House Reknir
Kraven (red), Venistrick (green), Frizt (white), Reaver (black), Thundrama (blue)
House Salriven
Scarmetek (amethyst), Kallarmok (crystal), Gruldemex (emerald), Galverire (sapphire), Ambetoz (topaz)
Geopolitical, Country
Head of State
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Judicial Body
The "knights" of each dragon lord send patrols that uphold the laws set forth by their respected house.
Official Languages
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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