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Kraven (kray-ven)

A Guardian of Drakmir

“Why is it that he’s always on edge or haughty?”

“He’s been in the Necromantic War. Those are times that will forever shape you. I’d wager he’s trying to make you rethink engaging in a fight with him or his people.”

“As if he’d need to try for me. I doubt my dull old sword could dent his elderly scales.”

— A dragonborn and vren observing Kraven.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

This red dragon has some vibrant scales still but there are signs of age and being worn through the scars. He does not hide the scars, if not taking pride in the engagements he’s gotten into.

Identifying Characteristics

There are three scars on his left hand and seven on his right. There are some tattering on the edge of his scales.

Physical quirks

Kraven always stands tall, aiming to look down on those who seek his presence.

Special abilities

Because of his age as a dragon, he can shift and warp into a standard, humanoid size.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The defining parts of Kraven’s history begins at the cusp of the Necromantic War. News of the Arkonian Order twisting dragons into undead abominations outraged the entire Dominion of Argatok. Kraven feared that this desecration would be a fate brought to his Draconic kindred if there was no intervention. So, he aligned with the Coalition to take on the threat.

When the Drakmir Campaign began, putting the Argatok on the defensive, Kraven fought valiantly to repel the undead hordes. But the cunning Mother Maratha knew fighting him in a confrontation would be foolish. So she twisted the dragons to fight each other instead. With little backup, it forced Kraven to flee with what few loyal dragons he had and rethink his strategy.

When news Arkengrath was going to lead the charge against Vrexen himself, he knew he needed to rally what other dragons there were. He garnered at least a handful from the homeland as they both soared quickly to support their vren allies. They didn’t make their presence known until Arkengrath stepped a little too far from Arkonian battle lines. At that moment, he and countless others joined in and overwhelmed the Founder of Necromancy until he was no more.

It’s the Restoration Age that became a painful challenge. Dragons and their underlings were pointing fingers, blaming the other for their failings or treachery in the war. After long and bloody years, the details of these civil wars are unclear, but it’s a general belief that Kraven roped the Argatons back into shape through whatever means he deemed necessary. Many of his fellow kindred fear his power but they know he only uses it for the safety and stability of Argatok.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Helped to defeat Arkengrath
  • Stabilized Drakmir’s civil wars

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Defeated in the Drakmir Campaign

Personality Characteristics


At his core, the Dominion of Argatok is dear to him. He has sworn to see its protection and its people prosper.

Divine Classification
Lawful Neutral
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
842 lbs.

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