Three Types of Peoples

Classifing the People

Florenelle has seen a long period of time with many historical events. As such, scholars within Florenelle devised a classification for various types of people according to which era they belong in.


Considered to be the oldest known people, such as Kordgelle, genasi of the elemental planes, and those who reside in the astral plane. Despite being the oldest, their history is far from well known. The Necromantic War may have touched their lands but they were spared of any truly horrific complications.


Precursors are classified as creatures that took a heavier part in the Necromantic War. Their major roles before, during, and after the war is what allowed them such a strong influence on making their mark on Florenelle. Examples of Precursors are vren, the Draconians, the elves and gnolls


The latest type of category, they are considered the luckiest type of people to barely endure any long lasting effects with the Necromantic War. These people are found in Calvora, Pragiera, and Yanping. They are called as such in reference to their prosperity originating from the Age of Restoration or have little to no history in the Necrowar.

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