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The Violent Dreadlord

Dreadlord Sar'Ganockt (a.k.a. The Butcher of Falderin)

Divine Domains

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Divine Symbols & Sigils

Bloodied Skull

The signature emblem of Sar'Ganockt is the Bloodied Skull. It depicts the skull of a deer with carnivorous teeth and jagged antlers.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

The quickest way to spot Sar'Ganockt is his superior size that towers over common men. Combine that with the grotesque antlers that protrude from his head and the scraping sound of metal as he raises his mighty sword against you. That is when you know it is the Butcher of Falderin.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before the Necromantic War

Sar’Ganockt has his origins as one of the exiled nivallen alongside Barenor, son of Orrilius. What original name he had is long forgotten. The former nivallen admired the philosophy of utilizing nature as a cohort but preferred mingling with the bestial side of it. Through his experimentation, he found ways to emulate the strength of predators, testing them on the wildlife. He was far too skilled as a hunter, running low on prey.

His tribe feared him and his followers. They attempted to kill him before their food sources ran out. It became an unfortunate circumstance that Sar’Ganockt and his followers had turned them into a new source of sustenance instead. Such vile acts had then transformed them all into the first “sar’velks” or gnoll in Common.

Starving, and on death’s door, he heard word of a famous vren that had found a key to immortality. As Arkengrath’s first test subject for necromancy, Sar’Ganockt would be cured of his growing bestial mind and could finally have some semblance of restraint to keep he and his followers sustainable through tinkering and reanimating the fallen to handle hunger issues yet keep manpower. Forever grateful, Sar’Ganockt vowed an allegiance to him.

Necromantic War

During the Necromantic War, Sar’Ganockt was appointed to lead the Elvarid Campaign. One particular that he personally led was a siege against Falderin, a city mostly dominated by eladrin. It would be Sar’Ganockt’s hunger and vast gnoll soldiers that would overwhelm the defenders with brutish tactics the elves had never seen before. Gnolls would pounce and tear out vast chunks of flesh mid-battle, unnerving the elvish ranks deeply. Even in the aftermath when Arkonia had won, what remained of the dead eladrin in the streets were made into another meal to feed the everlasting hunger, thus being nicknamed by the eladrin themselves, the Butcher of Falderin.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Failures & Embarrassments

  • Defeated at the Battle of Vrexen.

Morality & Philosophy

Sar'Ganockt cares little for diplomacy and niceties with the enemy. He sees the world in a black and white perspective since it's easier to see the enemy as a creature that wishes you death than something with more nuance and livelihood. Being dainty and superficial only leaves you exposed and running around with tedious errands. Immediate action always brings results regardless of the quality.

Personality Characteristics


Arkengrath is the master. He is the one who showed him how to hone his vicious talent in the long run. Without him, he would just lead small gnoll warbands against the Feydom's villages. The founder of necromancy was the one who would uplift him to a pivotal position. Arkengrath would be the first person this heartless creature would look up to. Sar'Ganockt didn't join the Arkonians because of necromancy, he would slaughter countless people just to say thank you for what Arkengrath's done for him.

Once the benefits of being a Dreadlord came to him, Sar'Ganockt's faith in Arkonia grew. He didn't want the hunt to end. He needed an endless supply of hunters and those to be hunted to keep his favorite sport alive. The thrill of the chase is what excites him.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Dreadlord of Arkonia
  • Butcher of Falderin
Current Residence
The City of Arkonia
Menacing dark eyes
Matted and balding fur
286 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Abyssal, Common, Gnoll, and Undercommon
Founded Settlements
Ruled Locations

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