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Naming Traditions

Other names

Arkonian names are typically based on the origin of the member. Elvish members would often have Faene names.


Major language groups and dialects

Abyssal and Undercommon are frequently used. Common is slightly less common.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

The First Death

In the Shadowfell, gloom is all around the populace. The youngest are often pure and naive about their circumstances until the reality of things hits them. Their first encounter with death is oftentimes the hardest to cope with.

Arkonian communities call this, “Their first death.” It’s considered a milestone on the path to maturity. What usually shocks young Arkonians is how numbed their elders are to these macabre matters. Though, they eventually grow up unfazed by death, as well as reassured that necromancy will keep them together.

Funerary and Memorial customs

When an Arkonian cannot be saved by necromancy, their family often keeps their remains.

Common Taboos

Disrespecting Arkengrath

To many Arkonians, Arkengrath's teachings brought them something that has allowed generations to live on to see what their kids and grandchildren become or to return to life a loved one so dearly cherished. It is highly looked down upon to insult him in any means. To do so would be disrespectful to the legacy he has founded. Sadarren are especially more strict about this, as it would also tarnish the man who helped to free them and they would appear ungrateful to be free.


Some sadarren and Arkonians trapped in the Shadowfell are disillusioned by Arkengrath's saving promises. They gather around in the worn-down slums, wasting their lives on alcohol while listening to cabaret. Most of the music that plays is satirical of the Arkonian Order or is a cathartic release for screaming out their woes into the unending night of despair. They gain their signature name from the iconic slouch they have at their cabarets. Some lean on walls or just slump over on chairs.

Kiver has considered cracking down on the matter, if necessary, but Arkengrath believes otherwise. Their nihilism and uncaring resentment don't make them a threat, if not useless. There is enough suffering in the Shadowfell as is, and an inquisition would only upset what loyal relatives they have.

Encompassed species
Languages spoken

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