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Dictation (Dik-tay-shun)

The Realm of Stability

The perfectionists dream. Everything has a reason for being within Dictation. The weather occurs in a predictable fashion, natural disasters can be easily avoided should one heed the regular warnings, and there is always a sense of symmetry here.

Planar Details


To put it simply, Dictation is the equivalent of the plane of law for the Florenic Worlds. Though, it is dubbed the “realm of stability” rather than law for a reason. It is called so because this realm is the universal reason why so many other planar worlds follow consistent structure such as gravity, perception of light, and other consistencies. It’s also the subtle reason why some creatures crave a sense of structure, whether it being a hierarchy or daily pattern.

Dictation is also a realm that embodies pure purpose and very little deviation from it. Heroes of good spirit never deviate into darker paths, villains shall continue to stir trouble, and it all goes on unless there is a fine reason for the difference of purpose. Because in Dictation, it is like a foreseeable equation whenever change is bound to occur.

Aspects of Dictation

Force of Symmetry

Entering into Dictation will alter a creature slightly. Some mild features of the body are removed or added, like freckles and scars, to enact that perfect symmetry. Of course, once a creature steps out of the realm, their features will return as they once were as Dictation’s influence subsides.

Influence of Continuity

Living creatures have a harder time dying off even when taking severe trauma or deprived of food and water. The essence of Dictation tries to hold together what is already present. Though, this essence eventually gives way once the inevitable happens and that the creature cannot persist. As an additional result, creatures do not age here.


Pieces and fragments of fractal crystals all assemble and hover together to form and coalesce into a humanoid shape to form a sentient being called a crysalid. Their form and shape, like their home of Dictation, is perfectly symmetrical. All crysalids are obedient to the Paragon; an entity with a pure sense of wholeness and duty to ensure that the cosmos stays intact, especially from the Averse. Of course, maintaining a sense of stability is pursued by different beings.


Executors are about action with purpose. Should a mortal or planar power violate terms of a ruling, these crysalids are sent out to instill punishment or uphold them. These planar creatures are also called on in maintaining the mundanity of the material world when the Averse disrupts daily life.


Juditors are the creatures that are sought after in settling disputes or arranging agreements. Their purpose is often to help mortals and planar powers either find a resolution to a problem or sentence someone for being a problem.


Legitors are an odd crysalid. They are fascinated with social structures, laws, agreements, and more. That is why some mortals call on them to help arrange fair bargains, design laws, and other social arrangements. Their sense of fair play is why people request them, as they take in a great deal of factors in their design process.

Alternative Name(s)
Plane of Law
Dimensional plane
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