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The Realm of Creation

Realm of the Elementals

Inactive Leader

Elementals look up to a major deity known as Genisul. He was the one who gave the elementals their purpose in building the Florenic Worlds. Now that the duty has been completed, he has gone into silence.

Ever since then, the Heirs of Creation have sought to find their new purpose. Whether spiritually or philosophically, the elementals refuse to stagnate.

Worlds of Creation

Elementai is the vast connection between the realms of creations. Each realm sits in its own pocket so that it may focus on its specialty.

Name of Realm Elemental Domain Heirs of Creation
Nautileus Plane of Water Listrum
Nimbus Plane of Air Maelthrona
Quarron Plane of Earth Sedmurk
Volcraes Plane of Fire Fumerra
Alternative Name(s)
Elemental Gateway
Dimensional plane
Location under
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