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Continent of Prageria (pruh-jeer-ree-uh)

Do you expect your water canteens to last? Bring plenty of them. The jungle rivers could secretly be poisoned and oases are not frequent in the deserts. Drink it all sparingly.

— An expeditionary’s advice


Northern Half

The northern half of the continent consists of many jungles and vegetation. Mountains are also frequent but are sparse and spread apart the further you travel south.

Southern Half

The coastlines to the south can be comfortably settled roughly 400 miles deep starting from the coastline due to the frequent enough rainfall to sustain life. Sparse jungles are around that area, as beyond those 400 miles are where deserts are dominant.

Natural Resources

Silks, spices, and tea are the most frequently sought resources. It’s why the Society of Negotiations in the Orian and the Glenbrook Trading Company compete for dominance in the markets.


Before the Necromantic War

As a whole, the people of the lands kept to themselves for the most part. Besides the territory and resources squabbles, life was pretty tame. To the north, the people lived the humble farming life. In the south, the deserts there meant a nomadic life.

That peace became broken when the Empire of Coatala arrived in the south and when Mother Maratha became powerful in the north did life ultimately change for the worse.

During the Necromantic War

Mother Maratha took the northern part of Prageria by storm. With teachings expanded from Arkengrath, the Arkonian Order flourished as a refuge there. Her way of handling and communing with spirits was a new approach to necromancy that none were prepared for.

The nomadic lifestyle in the south was ultimately crushed by the Coatalans. A semblance of “civilization” was brought in as a replacement. The snakes brought their slaves from across the Empire to build their cities, preferably by or in the nearby jungles. It would be here that the Coatalans would experiment on both the local populace and their slaves on thwarting necromancy. The Coatalans didn’t trust the Arkonian Order with their continued fight against their mutual foe and neither did they.

Near the end of the Necromantic War, when Salazar Kiver had shattered the untouchable mindset of their Speaker, things began on the decline for the Coatalans. They couldn’t support the supply lines for the southern colonies and soon their slaves would revolt. There would be no profound discovery to thwart necromancy to their leader’s disappointment, for the slaves and test subjects destroyed many things.

Age of Restoration

After Arkengrath’s defeat, Mother Maratha went into hiding. Her old relics and temples would still remain deep within the mountains and jungles. The Pradeshi were liberated as elves and dragons scoured the lands, cleansing away Arkonian influence. Today, an Arkonian minority remains and still seek Maratha’s guidance.

To the south, the former slaves founded their own Sultanate, sponsored by Aphirai of the Silverrans himself. They destroyed many relics of their Coatalan past but spared only a few temples and towers as a reminder of their lineage and to never return to those dark days.

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