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Society of Negotiations in the Orian

The Triumvirate’s Trading Company

I have served a bit in the Glenbrook Trading Company. Rabble rousers who are too drunk for their own good. The crew hardly takes their cargo seriously. It when I took part in SNO did the atmosphere immediately change. The marines were all those blethers and the crew were actual people. The admiralty had little patience for any shenanigans but if you got away with it, it was well worth it. You’ll have fun with yer mates in the GTC but SNO will reform you.

— A sailor’s experience in SNO


Company Director

The company director oversees the wellbeing of overall global trade with the Court of Proprietors. The latest member being a Venezian known only as Il Reggente.

Court of Proprietors

The Court of Proprietors oversees the wellbeing of commerce within a continent. It’s through the Company Director that they can vie for fleets to protect their valuables from pirates and the Glenbrook Trading Company.

Proprietor Race Continent
Bertrand Savatier Human Thracallia
Eliana Cabrera Altallen Prageria
Dordrin Nemeshk Dragonborn Oceania
Falkinek Vren Drakmir
Justine Rosaire Human Yanping

Governors and Staff

Governors are considered equal to Proprietor staff in hierarchy. The main role of a governor is to oversee trade within a provincial or localized scale depending on colony growth. Staff are the agents that push things to get matters resolved.

Public Agenda

To provide prosperity for the wellbeing of the Triumvirate members.


Commandeered Company

Back when it first started, the Society was mainly focused on trade in Yanping. The exotic supplies fascinated many nobles in the Triumvirate and they were always eager for more. This attention would put a lot of strain on Senior Paulo.

As the Calvorans explored Florenelle further, many were eager to see the outside world brought home. To start, the Glenbrook Trading Company began to spread out. The Triumvirate needed to compete and the current means of this company was not satisfactory. The Emperor agreed to integrate the Society into alliance as to force reforms and perform better. It worked out indeed.

Murdered Leaders

Senior Paulo was murdered in 1622. No one is certain how it came to be or who was behind it. The next leader would be the one who has eyed integrating the company with the Triumvirate Alliance, Marquis de Calixte. Under his control, it was relatively the same policies except for a change of documents. Though, it would be during a ball in the Bluechene Palais that the Marquis became poisoned in 1684, opening a power vacuum among the proprietors.

The current leader that operates the company is an elusive Venezian known only as Il Reggente. No one enters his inner circle easily and only if he allows it. His latest policies in the Society may be morally dubious but they have brought a bit more wealth.

Through trade, we prosper.

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Corporation, Commerce
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