Caldogne, Valencia

If you thought everyone stared at you in Venezia, Caldogne is something else. The citizens there watch you closely for what could be in your hands, pockets, under your legs, protruding from your inner coat pockets, and whatnot. Something I did notice more frequently was what could be on my arm. I assure you that nothing was present except the bare cloth of my coat.

I do believe I found a pattern, as it had to do with gangs hanging on the sidelines with their own blue ribbons tied around their arm. There is no doubt that it was a sign of allegiance to some cause. The only thing I could be thankful for was that they left me to my own whims instead of intimidating me like they did with the more foppish citizens roaming the streets.

— Minister Belview’s Account of Caldogne


  • (1-72) 71% of the population is made up of humans, altallen, and half-elves
  • (73-83) 12% are from colonies in Thracallia, mainly eladrin and a little bit of firbolgs
  • (84-92) 9% are from Valencian colonies from Prageria and Oceania such as Triton and Loxodon
  • (93-99) 7% are Draconians (kobolds, dragonborn, and half-dragons)
  • (100) 1% are from various other parts of Florenelle.



The police and city watch of Caldogne. They are a militia-trained force made up of non-blethers who keep the peace and crackdown on lawbreakers. There is a coast guard variant that watches over the seas to ensure blockades never occur.

Garde Conventionnelle

The Garde Conventionnelle are the troops tasked with the city’s core defense. They are made up mainly of trained blethers while their leaders are often other humanoids, mainly those being humans, altallen, or tieflings.


Artois Tavern

A popular area for commoners as it’s affordable. The tavern has a stage and provides a lot of play or musical performances. It also provides rooms to stay for guests.

Canard Hall

Canard Hall is a place where high society likes to gather around for symphonies and operas. Nostradeus is a popular composer around here.

Forgeron Sewer

The Forgeron Sewer is a massive network that sprawls under the entirety of the city. Many scummier members of society like to use it as hideouts to plan criminal activities.

Guilds and Factions


Revolutionaries that are more centrist leaning. They love Valencian society but loathe how the government is run. They are far less extreme compared to the other radicals.

Les Travailleurs

The working class that feels undermined and exploited. They aren't shy to expose their hatred for abusive authority and often fight for worker's rights in the harsh conditions of factories. Radicals from Zharitov and Rhineland are rumored to be backers of this particular group.

Society of Negotiations in the Orian

S.N.O., for short, is the Triumvirate’s trading company which competes with Trinidad’s own Glenbrook Trading Company. They are known to occasionally aid law enforcement at the request of officials sometimes.


West of the city is the Orllen Ocean where countless ships arrive at, and leave from, the city’s docks. To the east are where hilly villages rise up and can look down on Caldogne from above.

Founding Date
1292 RE
Alternative Name(s)
Heart of the Triumvirate
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