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Continent of Slithane (Slih-thane)

Home of the Fallen Coatalan Empire


Inhospitable Jungles

A Madrian can easily tell you that living in the colony of Gentico is a nightmare. The settlement is only half a mile into the jungle and the inhabitants can tell you about all sorts of unpleasantries. The jungle’s foliage grows relentlessly if unchecked, allowing cover for vicious Coatalan shapeshifters to sneak in and poison residents.

Natural Resources

Iztlactli Flower

The iztlactli flower is a sweet tasting plant that grows throughout the continent. Though, anyone who foolishly does ingest this plant will inevitably die from its potent poison. First the creature will convulse and spasm before dropping lifeless on the floor without any medical aid.

It is often used by the Empire of Coatala as a tool to take out targets of interest.


According to salvaged Coatalan records, the inhabitants of this place were quiet and peaceful farmers. It would all change when Speaker Chutl brought a new era for the Coatalans, particularly an aggressive movement to start up a new empire and shed off the skin of complacency. Many would be deemed as Impure and used as slaves to fuel the efforts.

With the heart of the empire functioning at its ever growing production pace, Coatala expanded beyond the continent and set up the first continental empire. At home in Slithane, the Coatalans were an unstoppable powerhouse. The native lizardfolk and tortles would be collected as slaves or die trying to resist them. Such a monopoly on power only made these snake cultists driven further in their zealotry. Salazar Kiver was just in time to pop that bubble of belief.

When the Empire of Coatala fell, various factions split apart and still stab at each other as a lighthearted version of drow politics in Undarid still to this day. What would only add more complications to this infighting would be the intrusion of a Madrian colony.

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