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Mother Maratha (Muh-ra-thuh)

Dreadlady Mother Maratha (a.k.a. The Witch of Hajiti)

Divine Domains

For Clerics:

Arcana, Knowledge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A human eye

Physical Description

Special abilities

Because she has studied both divination and necromancy, she has combined these magics to allow her to commune and even cooperate with the dead, mainly with spirits.

Specialized Equipment

She is known to use her infamous Eye of the Seer. This orb allows her to see into the past and present. Though, should it be taken from her, there is the chance an arkenwraith will be summoned to retrieve it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Witch of Hajiti

On the continent of Prageria, that’s where Maratha had her beginnings. She was not amused with traditional arcane means of magic and wanted something more esoteric. The news of Arkengrath’s discovery on manipulating life and death provided this opportunity. When it comes to necromancy, she introduced the means of giving spirits of the dead the ability to cooperate with the spellcaster. She then created her own following, teaching her Nashikh that death does not have to be the end and that they would always be by their fellow’s side instead.

The Necromantic War

Mother Maratha conjoined the Nashikh with the Arkonian Order so her and her spirits would not be dispersed. In order to be an effective powerhouse for the Order, she spread across northern Prageria to the middle section as the Empire of Coatala had colonies in the south. She and Salazar Kiver would meetup and coordinate from there on handling the snake cult empire.

She then crafted the infamous Eye of the Seer. This specialized scrying orb not only allowed to spy on others but also see the past. This ability to see the truth of the past dug through the lies of the Coatalans and prepare accordingly.

Eventually she’d be called on to combat the dragon threat of the coalition. Through her Eye, she saw the misdeeds the dragon guardians had done to each other. It’s the exploitation of these secrets she used to have the guardians fight each other instead, allowing her and the Nashikh to plow through the Argaton forces with a fairly moderate pace.

By the Necromantic War’s end, Maratha disappeared into obscurity. It’s rumored she hides away in Prageria, plotting with her fellow dreadlords.

Personality Characteristics


Ever since undertaking the mantle of Mother Maratha, she has become far too entwined with the spirits she communes with. She needs the Arkonian Order if she hopes to teach others how to utilize communing with spirits and use necromancy to ensure every spirit that seeks her out is handled accordingly.

Divine Classification
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
162 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases

You think you hear voices? Perhaps the spirits are trying to reach out to you. Listen!

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