Basic Information


A tall billowing black figure that lurks around with its reaching scissor-like claws. Its elongated skull and fanged maw adorn its head along with two void eyes.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Most commonly used by the Arkonian Order, Mother Maratha frequently uses these diabolical creatures as hunters against only the most crucial targets.

Common Myths and Legends

Rivaled by Sar'Ganockt, these are some of the most violent creatures. These sadistic killers not only go for the most brutish means possible to kill, but also toy with its prey along the way. Victims of these brutish attacks can often be found mutilated and twisted like a broken doll cast aside.

Common signs of its presence is often the pulsating, black, fleshy residue that follows it. Dreams of being stalked by it is a definite sign that it has selected the dreamer as its target for whatever reason.

Scientific Name
Conservation Status
Very Rare

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