Nameless Host

The Entity over the Null

Never deal with the Nameless Host! Dealing with the Infernal Clan? They are at least bound by their rules and wording. You may suffer under them but their treatment is mercy compared to what the Host will do to you!
— Magistrate Neurovek of the Doctrine Society

Divine Domains

For Clerics


For Warlocks

The Undead

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Black Gateway

The Black Gateway is a black circle with four spikes on the corners and a ring around it. Scholars infer that this symbol would have to represent the strange cavities in the Null. This symbol is often used as a means of opening a passage to the Null, oftentimes to unleash varying creatures and servants found within that realm of nothing.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The destruction of life is a common theme for this "thing." It is a being that is antithetical to life as a whole. Nothing matters to it unless that thing can prove useful. For in the end, the Host seeks to bring an eternal dark age. Of all the foul things that necromancy and undeath-based scholars have studied, they are keen to point to this entity as the most evil thing within Florenelle's cosmos.

With the Infernal Clan, they at least have a model for even lowly fiends to potentially become capable rulers. For the Arkonian Order, they merely wish to use necromancy to extend and preserve what they value. The Nameless Host, however, there will be nothing in its victory. When Florenelle and the rest of the cosmology are just lifeless realms of pitch black nothing, only then will this thing be satiated.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

The Host most often takes on a completely featureless shadowed humanoid shape when dealing with mortals. A black fog is known to permeate around it in its presence.

Facial Features

A completely blank facade is all that sits on the Host’s face. It is only a silhouette at best.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Where does this monster get its title as it has no name? Found within Tesk Arkinith Vordt, the Arkonian Order's sacred text, it mentions that there is an entity within the Null that often forces other foul creatures within that domain to its whims yet this thing offers them a place to reside. As such, the authors over it figured it could be called the "Nameless Host."

Arkengrath was the first to meet this monster, even inquiring what secrets of undeath there could be. The Host had no interest in helping him at first and sought to consume the vren as another asset. Though, it is theorized that the Host wanted its macabre secrets revealed to attract more victims. That prediction swiftly became true.

The Necromantic War saw countless suffering. Even leaders within the Arkonian Order betrayed their own and walked into the Host’s trap to be creators of their own suffering within his domains. If there were any winners of the Necrowar, the Nameless Host prospered like none other. It took Ibu and his master to ensure the early days of the Age of Restoration had a chance to thrive.

Morality & Philosophy

The Nameless Host is a being of pure malevolence to things that contain life. The only mercy it gives is to use those living subjects as pawns to spy on their associates but that Abyssal corruption inevitably makes its mark onto the victim. There is no honor to this creature. There is no dignity, shame, morality, remorse, or feeling to this thing, for why would these factors matter for an entity that will bring nothing if it had its way? It is utterly apathetic.


Contacts & Relations

The Host is someone with minimal affiliates (partly because they become obliterated eventually). What servants are under the Host are often machinations it created itself or followers twisted to appeal to the Host’s diabolical preference.


When an unfortunate soul is given the chance to hear this dreadful voice, the Host takes pleasure in it. He whispers yet his tone has impending wrath behind it. It’s a tone that tries to overwhelm its living listener.

Player Advisory Warning

For players thinking of having the Nameless Host as their patron or wanting to be aligned with it in some way, understand the following first:

The Nameless Host is a purely evil entity that is perfectly content with just ending your life on its whim. Your servitude or affiliation with this entity can end abruptly when the Host deems it, potentially causing your character to have an unfulfilling narrative or arc. I put this disclaimer for the sake of understanding that this entity will not respect, or be grateful for, your service by any means. So do not be surprised if it decides to end your character. So long as it senses some form of soul or life in you, it will deem you as its enemy.

If you have Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, the Nameless Host is one of the worst dark powers that traps lands in the mists. Some of those dark powers may trap villains out of spite or to sequester away evil to its own domain to torture others. For the Host, it traps away abominable people so that all the suffering souls never pass on to Tabith and be turned into a soul farm. With time, the dark presence alone slowly consumes the land but that takes hundreds of years as the Host doesn’t like to kill it’s “golden goose.”
Divine Classification
Chaotic Evil
Current Residence
Quotes & Catchphrases
The body will break first. Then, your soul.
— Nameless Host
I will hollow you!
— Nameless Host

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