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Malevol Pact

A Cult to the Nameless Host

Your dear Arkengrath did not manifest necromancy from nowhere! He acquired those dark arts from us!

— Faceless Coven


Should the Nameless Host not intervene with commands, the only authority these unorganized creatures know is the strongest member. Only the will of their master will unify them together.


There is no hope. Only the certainty of servitude. Why then do some people seek to serve the Nameless Host? The potential for power. The Host makes it clear that you will not use that power for your own whims, you use it for the Host’s. There is no freedom when you serve under that thing and freedom will only come when it deems it so.


Before the Necromantic War, the Malevol Pact was discovered by Arkengrath as he was studying the ways of necromancy through the Nameless Host. By the time the Null came further into the public view, the Pact was organized in response. The Nameless Host then ordered them to go out into Florenelle, rough up the world, and then plunge it under their master’s whim.

Because overseers and above in the Arkonian Order’s hierarchy are aware of the dreadful backing behind necromancy, some get power hungry. They know some of the magic behind is very deadly and would get them their own respect. This has been a long and unending problem for the Arkonians as a result as some of these turn to this dark Pact.

Divine Origins

Many abominable things come from the Null and the Nameless Host are their master. Though, some outlandish individuals hope to pursue the powers behind it and become twisted in the Host’s preference because of it. Many creatures of many backgrounds form the Pact. Some are seen more than others because of their usefulness to their malevolent master.


Faceless Coven

The Faceless Coven is a trio of identical faceless vren in dark cloaks. They are known for their use of dark magic and abilities. The Coven is considered one of the stronger members of the Pact.

You will perish because it wills it!

Religious, Cult
Controlled Territories

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