Saint Lorenzo

The Fallen Saint Vasco Lorenzo (a.k.a. The Betrayer)

Divine Domains

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The Fiend

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In the beginning, Lorenzo was a diplomat in the early years of the Restoration Era. He brought a temporary peace between Draconia and the lizardfolk tribes, become an envoy between the Regalia and the early Tsardom of Zharitov, and furthermore acts of negotiations that have led to prosperous times for those he aided. These acts would catch Gregory's attention and have him become a Patron Saint of peace.

Lorenzo was one of Gregory first patron saints. He was there when the first church was built in Europa and at Haven's establishment. Scholars like to think he was rather close to the Aider's side.

What would lead to his betrayal against Gregory and the Church was emptiness. Lorenzo's heart secretly envied the joy he could bring to others but not of himself. This seed of envy is what brought on Vildramus' interest to nourish it into becoming a twisted asset. Those years of peace had turned into strife as friends became bitter rivals. Lorenzo enjoyed what sadistic pleasure he had to see others toil in the same secretive pain he had.

One of Vildramus' favorite lords, Lorenzo is the perfect choice for when a powerful noble wants to plant the seeds of dissent onto their rivals.


Around 66 RE, Lorenzo was approached by Vildramus with an offer he couldn’t refuse. That would be fulfilling his own selfish wishes. Overtime, after feasting on food grown for feeding the helpless, it was the first step down a dark path. He became bitter overtime, believing everyone is in things for themselves.

By the time Lorenzo struck out of Haven, Vildramus took him into the Infernal Clan.

Divine Classification
Lawful Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Betrayer
Year of Birth
6 Me 1714 Years old
Current Residence
Studious blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ashen pale

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