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Saint Gregory

Saint Silus Gregory (a.k.a. The Aider)

Divine Domains

For Clerics:

Life and Light

For Warlocks:


Holy Books & Codes

The Sanctity

A book written by various cardinals and prominent leaders of the Church who share their personal stories during their missions. The idea is that each chapter contains lessons to be taught, such as the Betrayal of Saint Lorenzo.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The sword covered by a shield. A representation that he would rather protect than be aggressive. It is not a sign of pacifism but a show that he will slay the foe who threatens those he loves.

Tenets of Faith

The Growth Tenets

It is the duty of every Gregorian to follow the Growth Tenets. They are a code of conduct to be followed in the church to help guide members on how to bring healing to the world.


Day of Truce

During the Age of Expansion and the Colonial War was raging, human soldiers of the Triumvirate and the Continental Garrison of Trinidad had an unexplainable ceasefire. In the silence during the 4th of Late Algid of 1627, they heard the hymns for a safe return home that any Gregorian would know. Something overwhelmed these troops to join in song in their desperation. They would quickly realize that their opposition is in the same predicament as they are.

Some brave soldiers would slowly reveal themselves and cross the battlefield, risking themselves to a skirmisher's shot. Yet none were made. They would only join in song, reveling in the pointless nature of the Colonial war.

Historians like to think Gregorians had a say. Perhaps a little enchantment to finally allow time to breathe in the war? All that matters to any Gregorian, is that there was peace being had in a turbulent time.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

A Path of Restoration

After enduring the old Necromantic War, Gregory noticed the many helpless and displaced refugees. He would not only restore faith in their lives through his aid but his actions would slowly ascend him as a deity as he pursued methods of aiding the people he loved. Whether it be the magic of restoration or inspiration, he would amass a following that wanted to shine as he does.

This would be the base of his principles. He didn't want to destroy what was old but to renew and rejuvenate what is around.

Divine Classification
Lawful Good
Current Location
Year of Birth
71 PE 1791 Years old

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