Capitaine Chaput (sha-puh)

Renowned Infernal Pirate

Capitaine Gratien Chaput

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Gratien started life as a sailor for SNO. Once word of Marquis de Calixte’s death was felt throughout the company, the strict rules against commerce. Reggente had ordered a strict protocol of operation. Anyone caught associating with piracy would be ruthlessly questioned.

Gratien grew up spared and was rescued by pirates after being wrecked in a terrible storm at sea. He then gained a sympathy for the career, leaving behind the corporate one. When his old captain fell to privateers, he knew he would grow a particular distaste for their cowardice of hiding behind the law. Seeking revenge, the Infernal Clan offered him a deal that he would sink ships and spare the crew each time. By signing as part of the crew, they do not age but their souls are claimed upon death. Further success has granted him upgrades to his ship, the Sinful Victor, from the excess souls gained.

To this day, he is a feared master over piracy. A man of Valencian style and cunning in all things nautical.


Gratien first started as a simple sailor for the Society of Negotiations in the Orian, or SNO, for short. Through this trading company for the Triumvirate, he learned a lot about sailing and managing a ship until being promoted as a first mate.

It would be when he signed on for the pirating lifestyle is when he itched for more. By making a pact with the Infernal Clan, he became an infamous pirate within the Islands of Oceania.

Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

He is bold and adaptive. The core reason he has defeated so many Triumvirate and Trinian navies is due to his unorthodox strategies.

Vices & Personality flaws

The ladies are a weakness of his. Though he may be suave and daring, that’s merely to tempt into his embrace. Once he is bored, he then dumps them off.


Contacts & Relations

Pact with Inferna

Gratien has made deals with the Infernal Clan. Because of his mighty success and those devils have made astounding returns on their investment, he has command over demons. His favorites to use are vrocks to swoop down during a naval engagement. He even commands two other two ships, making him officially a commodore in naval ranking but he likes the sound of captain instead.

A consequence of his success within the Infernal Clan makes him a prized target among fiends outside of the deal. Those who take him down would earn a mighty reward for a bounty among other archdevils, some being eager to take his position.

Family Ties

Abandoned Son

A decadent lifestyle can often lead to unintended accidents. Tethryn Chaput is one of them. This tiefling son of his is known to be outraged for neglecting him to some far off island while grateful for not being in that chaotic life of his father’s. The poor lad knows he wouldn’t survive it.


He has a slightly high-pitched voice with a Valencian (which is French) accent.

Neutral Evil
Current Location
Year of Birth
1672 Me 48 Years old
Current Residence
Sinful Victor
Snake-like Yellow
Greasy Black
135 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases

My ship can withstand the flames! Can yours?

Aligned Organization

Florenic Discord


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