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Town of Wollow

The Lumber Town of the Province


Count Withren

Sulking just like the region and its inhabitants is Count Withren. He can seem agitated at times but that’s because of the constant security threats coming from the southern nivallen when trying to do trading with Minnessir. Unless you have a gift or good news for him, he will happily entertain guests.


Extra Folian Guardsmen

About a regiment and a half of Folian Guard are stationed around the town and villages. A protective wall helps to keep the stray arrows from outside skirmishes hitting the locals.

Industry & Trade

Alchemy Hotspot

A secondary source of trade are healing remedies. Apothecaries, alchemists, and healers refine the ingredients and make potions. Namely, a lot of healing remedies are crafted for Gredderleth Hospital up in the City of Regalia to help treat the Arkonian Plague victims.


The primary industry here that keeps the town afloat are lumber mills. The villages acquire the raw wood and haul it up to town. It’s here that it’s refined into building materials or other necessities like tool handles.

Guilds and Factions

Feydom Confederacy

Being under the rule of the Feydom Confederacy sounds protective and cozy but they are away in the homeland of Elvarid. Out here, nivallen are a constant threat because of their proximity to the aggressive southern tribes. Duke Windell knows this and is never tight or sparing about supplying the town’s security. It’s being noticed in this way that keeps the locals loyal.

Kniferoses and Primalbears

The southern nivallen tribes to the south are often the most troublesome. They always harass caravans, pester farmers occasionally, and other cruel antics. Typically, these aggressions don’t intentionally aim to kill but they could care less if someone does. The core reason is an old grievance of the eladrin kicking them and Barenor out of Elvarid.

Natural Resources

Wood Galore

Wollow and its neighboring villages are just surrounded in trees. Some speculate it’s the work of nivallen magic but the wood elves only shrug their shoulders with unconfident answers and with a bow pointed. Regardless, axes are a desired need to clear away the invasive trees that grow a little too quickly compared to standard ones found in other forests.

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