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Haidell Withren

Count of Wollow

Count Haidell Withren

It takes a hardened heart such as his to be the Elder over Wollow, as I know many eladrin who would falter under the melancholy of his responsibilities.

Arthur Dwindle, Count of Graylen

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Haidell was born into a family of isolated people within the woods, believing they could make it out alright on their own. It’s uncertain what his early childhood was like as there are no documents or other reliable sources. What is known is that when Heldoroth Windell, a Captain of the Folian Guard at the time, found his family’s wooden home in the woods, there was a murder scene suggesting that his parents got into a violent struggle resulting in both dying.

Growing up within the early years of Regalia’s days, Haidell was known for his leadership. He often was the one to rally friends against any bullies they had, oftentimes those being nivallen children from a nearby grove pelting them with acorns from treetops. One of his distinct methods were burning trees they were in, causing the nivallen to flee from their hiding spot. Haidell let the troublemaker run off, as seeing fear put into them was revenge enough for his taste.

Once he grew up and became an advisor for Duke Windell after some time, Haidell was chosen to be the Count of Wollow. A foggy place that had poor travelers harassed often by nivallen elves by the roads and where the dead would be buried. Windell believed that a chilly heart such as Haidell’s would be needed for the burdens an elder over Wollow would need.

Intellectual Characteristics

Haidell is a pragmatic and efficient eladrin. If he can stretch the usability of an item or arrangement, he will.


Social Aptitude

Haidell is the least eccentric among his Regalian peers. He is straightforward with his personality and has very little concern for niceties. Where Countess Hauldimink is at least blunt when trying to get through explanations, Haidell has little patience for trying to be polite. He often clashes with Countess Rotherune as a result of differing personalities.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Count of Wollow
Date of Birth
4th of Late Hollow
Year of Birth
206 Me 1514 Years old
Icy Blue
Navy Blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
145 lbs.
Related Plots
Ruled Locations

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