Echoes Session 10: Aiding Riardon

Discovery of an Eldritch Pact

General Summary

5th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

Khalim’s tonic is designed for impartial memory loss and then heads to Mondomiri to meet back up with Magistrate Alyirdon to refine it. During this time, Menora advises the party assists Riardon before Arthur Dwindle does anything potentially vile to him. At the same time, Neurovek receives word from a colleague that the Eye of the Seer has been lost from the hands of a previous adventuring party. They could go out to the coastline where it was last seen and claim it before others do.

The party heads off to Graylen once again. What they notice along the way is a small gnoll warband of ten moving the same path. On the first night, Fernando proceeded to surprise the biggest of them all by wild-shaping into a giant badger and tearing at the gnoll’s legs. Fernando then burrowed away back to camp to escape any further wrath

7th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

The party reaches Graylen and proceeded to Arthur’s estate. Abram used his invisibility to explore around the place while Alastair, Akros, and Fernando bought him time by distracting guards and Arthur Dwindle. What Abram would find is that the half-elf Count has made a pact with Kordgelle, using this go from a socially inept nobody to then become Graylen’s Elder.

Once Arthur cut his meeting short with Riardon, Fernando then took Duke Windell’s son to meet up with Menora where the lovers reunited at last. The two would then run off back to the Village of Berrithan.

The party swiftly fled Graylen afterwards. When Abram put on the sensory deprivation hood, he eavesdropped on Kordgelle and Arthur Dwindle’s conversation. Kordgelle became aware of Khalim’s travels to Mondomiri and wanted an ambush.

The party booked for the City of Regalia, Feydom.

9th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

Neurovek assisted the party’s teleportation to Valdenmire Manor. There, they met with Alyirdon and Khalim in the magistrate’s quarters. However, Kordgelle arrived as well...

Missions/Quests Completed

Character(s) interacted with

  • Neurovek
  • Khalim Alquidad
  • Menora Thisiir
  • Arthur Dwindle
  • Riardon Windell
Report Date
08 Feb 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Florenic Discord


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