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Echoes Session 9: Saving Menora

Back from the land of the dead!

General Summary

3rd of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

The party rests and spends their time in Requiem Castle for a while, meeting the famed but dead composer Nostradeus there. He had made a pact with Tabith to continue his unfinished work while also entertaining the residents within. The party asked him about a tune they’ve heard play, namely a concerto they heard beforehand from a vision involving the tavern bard Menora Thisiir.

Afterwards, the party heads home to Florenelle and returns to Graylen. They wanted to seek out the Eladrin woman and asked around. Turns out Arthur Dwindle had orders to keep her under house arrest, believing her to be a dangerous conspirator after barging into his quarters one night.

The party heads to the household, sneaking around the building. Eventually they find a way to reach her room where they found her in a chemically-induced stupor. They then dragged Menora out of bed and slunk her through the back window while Akros bought them time by distracting a few guards.

The party then quickly slunk under the harbor to avoid suspicion, passing off Menora as a drunken friend needing to go home with a coat over her. While hiding during that time, they could overhear Arthur Dwindle speaking with a merchant above them. A guard then informed him afterwards about Menora’s disappearance, which prompted the Count to ramp up security as if a mild outbreak of Wilting Disease occurred as not to spook the citizens but to justify the intensive presence.

Alastair noticed that Riardon Windell, the new Folian Guard captain of Berrithan, arrived with a small team eventually. A few of Graylen’s guards then took in Riardon, as Count Dwindle believed he could have had a hand in her escape, as he knew they had a connection of some sort.

4th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

With Menora back to her strength and a new morning arrived, the party swiftly went to the gates. Abram and Menora used magic to turn invisible as the party shuffled through with relative ease. They then rushed back to Regalia, meeting with friendly Nivallen observers along the way.

Once back in the city of Regalia, Feydom, the party then heads straight for the Doctrine Society setup, meeting with Neurovek’s myconid greeter who escorted him through the eerie halls. When they met up, they gave the Vren and Khalim the news of their successes at Remedy Manor and bringing Menora for aid in restoring her memory.

As congratulations for making it this far with the Society, Neurovek promotes the party to apprentices. They then can choose the subject to major in and gain better understanding while another to minor in so they aren’t entirely confined to one field of study.

Rewards Granted

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Rescued Menora

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
01 Feb 2021
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