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Riardon Windell (rye-are-dun)

Riardon Windell

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

There is a scar on his right eye he acquired during an attempted assassination on the Windell family from the nivallen.

Specialized Equipment

Like many Eladrin, Riardon favors wielding two flyssas. He also uses a longbow he’s received initially from his time in the Folian Guard.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cozy Beginnings

Riardon grew up in the Province of Regalia and a very wealthy early childhood. Only a few years before his adolescence, Heldoroth, his father and Duke of the province, believed it best to place him with the rest of where the Faene commoners send their kids for education. Monasteries. Riardon aspired to be like his father, the wise and well beloved leader of the region.

The monastery became a first step in getting to know those he would have to look after. With his father’s charisma, Riardon was rather popular actually. Though, there would be a few instances he drew the ire of some of the pupils from his incessant search to help others.

Into the World

Once he reached early adulthood, Riardon joined the Folian Guard. This would be the next step in Heldoroth’s plan to acquaint his son in being a wise leader by enforcing the laws he may one day have to design.

Riardon didn’t really enjoy this position. It meant having to go out and see unsavory things he was sheltered from. There was an occasion where, while watching over his sister’s wedding, an assassination attempt occurred. The infamous Roseknife Tribe of nivallen attacked, hoping to score a critical blow to the Feydom. Riardon was bested by one assailant for a brief period, as he was given a scar from the slash just above and below his eye, leaving his sight unharmed. He killed his first person that day.

Captain of the Guard

For his bravery, Riardon reluctantly agreed to be a Folian captain. He didn’t want to disappoint his father after all. To this day, he serves as head of security over various villages in the province.


The Oltheren Monastery is where Riardon was educated like many Faene commoners.

Personality Characteristics


Riardon looks up to his father, the Duke of Regalia. His personal dream is to lead a village and live up to replace his father when the time comes.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Riardon is a wonderful speaker and can reach out to younger audiences among the Faene. He will, however, crack under enough pressure if there is a lot of stress on his mind.

He is born with his father's talent for fighting but keeps it aside for thinking it would drag him deeper into the Folian Guard if his father caught wind of any major victories.


Contacts & Relations

He has a deep love interest with a traveling violinist named Menora Thisiir.

Family Ties

He is the son of Heldoroth Windell and Lilyana Windell. His Great grandmother is Mistress Alloria who oversees Falderin in Elvarid.

Hobbies & Pets

Musical Hobby

Because of listening to Arthur Dwindle’s chamber orchestra’s, Riardon has taken an interest in music. He’s often used the piano in the Springwood Palace to practice his hobby. He is casual at best.

Neutral Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Folian Captain of Berrithan
Date of Birth
2nd of Early Vibrant
Year of Birth
1502 Me 218 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to Heldoroth and Lilyana Windell
Springwood Palace
Current Residence
Springwood Palace
Sky Blue
Oak Brown
Quotes & Catchphrases

I want to be like you but the path you took is not for me. The Folian Guard is not a position that will teach me anything of leading people. They only enforce the laws I would craft.

— Riardon regarding to his father
Aligned Organization

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