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Shadow Session 4

General Summary

14th of Early Hollow, 1758

The party fended off a massive, wretched beast as it hit the ground with a massive thud. From there, the party awaited until the day would come.

15th of Early Hollow, 1758

A knocking came on the door Vassaryn stayed in. It was Mockery, the gray tiefling freed from the dungeon. The paranoid tiefling was inspecting how far the fog had stretched within Divinterre. While investigating, time had surprised him as he was on the opposite side of the river. He ran for Maleou Village knowing there would be shelter as dusk began to arrive.

Mockery was unstable. He clung to the walls and insisted to Vassaryn that the entire party should hunker down indoors and keep close to a light. That way, the monsters have a harder time sneaking in and the dark entity has less influential reach.

18th of Early Hollow, 1758

The arrival of the Misty Rider meant the skull could be returned at last. Corriero returned as a revenant once his head returned to his shoulders. The vengeful man sought Cardinal Couteau in Notre Majeste and inevitably decapitated him. His guards could do little to stop him, for the bullets seemed to do nothing.

By the end, Divinterre was freed. The party went north through the other side of the fog and wound up in the village of Ovandrei, a settlement in the Province of Regalia. There, another tiefling named Tethrean greeted his pupil, Vassaryn, with open arms. The Doctrine Society mentor explained to the party what had happened to them, mainly the fog swallowing them up to be play things of the Nameless Host.

The festivities became sour when Tethrean used a Detect Magic spell. He sensed the dark grimoire they had picked up from the catacombs in Divinterre. Carcass was insistent that the book be used by him while the mentor believed it best to be burned for everyone’s safety.

Rewards Granted

  • Level 3

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Survived the nights in Maleou
  • Returned Corriero’s skull
  • Freed themselves from Divinterre

Character(s) interacted with

  • Mockery
  • Corriero
  • Tethrean
Character Class
Brontelot Barbarian
Carcass Druid
Kasner Fighter
Rahas Rogue/Bard
Vassaryn Wizard
Adventures in the Florenic Worlds
Report Date
28 Jun 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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