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Echoes Session 12: Primordial Consolation

General Summary

14th of Mid-Ardent, 1754

The party heads out close to Minnessir where they were directed. Searching among the mountains revealed the cave in question eventually. What the party finds is a strange polyhedral core spiraling above a space of Astral Plane. It was surrounded by malformed humanoids who were harassing the device to reveal its secrets on fixing Daldenstein. The party goes on to find that this thing was used by the Primordials to advise them on the creation of Florenelle. They then break the figure out of its containment and bring it along.

In the next room, the party finds Daldenstein had turned into an allip and was guarded by two of his remaining cohorts. He spouted the following horrific phrases:

"That which is hollow can eternal lie, but beyond these strange aeons, they cannot die!"

Through their moldings they were made and their rejection had the maker betrayed.

Their prison of flesh was rendered broken and within them writhed and wriggled, for they had awoken!

On Daldenstein's defeat he burst with all the warping papers around him, sending the pages back to the books they were from.

The party then went on to find a memorial within this strange chamber. Before stepping through the portal, they found a plaque that read:

Garena, creator of beasts and the trees. Aquaron’s flooding did not go unpunished. Lay quietly with your beloved wildlife. They still watch where you rest.

Inside, the party ended up in a beautiful forest clearing. In its center was Garena being watched over by dryads that watched the party closely. The Creator oddly had a slit down the middle which she also wasn't too sure about. She recalls that after being attack by another Creator who flooded her domain which has now become Oceania. Her pain was so great from all the tearing and gnashing at her that something had burst from her. Garena was then taken back here by Kordgelle to rest, visited by him from time to time.

When the party was satisfied with their questions and condolences, they meet Kordgelle back in the library. The party wondered if he could turn Cubert, the newly freed advisor, into a more mobile form. Kordgelle figured having him turned into a "creation" would make it easier for the party and Cubert since he no longer needs to be an advisor. From there, he was turned into a changeling and became a sidekick for the party.

Kordgelle then told them that if they wanted to help Garena, they are to ask Neurovek about the rotting in Oceania.

From there, the party then returned to Neurovek and asked them about what's going on in Oceania. He mentioned that there was a strange phenomena going on with an island called Ravager's Rock.

Because Abram had dealings in Morskaya, he ran off with Fernando to head to the shoreline and meet with the Moratanic speaker on making a warlock pact with Listrum of Nautileus. What they found in that Zhari land was a massive fiery elemental oozing with lava. The infamous Volcana threw rocks all around, devastating the area.

Rewards Granted

  • Cue Bert Recruited
  • Reached level 5

Missions/Quests Completed

Character(s) interacted with

Report Date
22 Feb 2021
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