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Echoes Sessions 6-8: Making a Name for Themselves

Occult Investigations and More!

General Summary

30th of Early Vibrant, 1754

The party wakes up in a small tavern outside the gates of Regalia. The Doctrine Society had paid for the day so that they had time to get back on their feet again. If they wanted to pursue their condition further or any further questions, Khalim will stay in Regalia.

From there, the party would finish up their downtime, such as fighting in a secretive underground arena. Once resolved, they went down to Neurovek's quarters and found him studying a clockwork drone. Grimlock proceeded to reboot the contraption and get it working. It was revealed that the drone came from a factory south in Thracallia.

Neurovek advised the party that he knew about a secret Precursor program during the Necromantic War involving the machines. The Coalition was hoping to counter the Arkonians by machine instead of organic life, as that couldn't be raised by necromancy. The complication with countering that foul art is that organisms are the key factor, thus turning on their creators as a sick realization of their programming.

As a rumor going on, the vren heard that a buyer in Minnessir was notorious for purchasing as much metal as possible, so a lead could be followed from there. The party then ventured off with Fendrin once again. Just outside the gates, the party followed a clockwork cart into a secretive underground setup by a riverside. From there, they ventured forth and thwarted the clockwork defenders by blade or pacifism.

Once they reached the inside, they found a grand chamber dedicated to pumping vast amounts of energy into an orb-like structure. It revealed that the clockworks were designing the pinnacle of their work: the Omnistruct. The party negotiated being ambassadors for "organics" when the time would come. They would even meet a magus with a green orb-like head.

2nd of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

The party asked Neurovek for a reward and he provided them with occult objects. He then mentioned that if they wanted to delve further with the Doctrine Society, Neurovek knew of a safer path other than what Khalim suggested. The vren suggested the task of resolving the haunting in Remedy Manor, a place haunted by Luven Esserthall and his lover Everna in the village ruins of Helmerind.

The party accepted and decided to head out and use their new devices. Namely, the spirit book was heavily used to coordinate with Luven. Though, Abram managed to lure out their child, Nyllin, onto the main floor. Once there, their ghosts found peace to be able to move on. From there, they followed Akros into Etherius to guide Luven, Everna, and Nyllin to Requiem Castle. From there, the party decided to stay there for a short while.

Rewards Granted

  • Ganji (voodoo) doll
  • Silver bell with red string
  • Spirit Book
  • Sensory Deprivation Hood

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Obtained a cure for their memory condition
  • Resolved the clockwork investigation
  • Put the Esserthall spirits to rest

Character(s) interacted with

  • Neurovek
  • Khalim
  • Fendrin
  • Clockwork Magus & Foreman
  • Luven, Everna, and Nyllin Esserthall
Report Date
27 Jan 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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