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Echoes Session 4: Regalia at Last!

Regalia, City of Refugees

General Summary

18th of Early Vibrant, 1754

Beyond the town of Minnessir, the caravan stopped at the village of Thress along the journey. There, Lucio and Reginald got into a scuffle over women. Because of a loud Thunderclap spell and a loud failed gunshot later, the Folian Guard Captain rushed in with the inn owner. They would be rushed out of the village after driving the captain’s ire further.

20th of Early Vibrant, 1754

Down the road to Regalia, the party finds an Arkonian desecrating nivallen totems. He inflicted a guardsman with Arkonian Plague after an arrow had missed him. He also offered the party a chance at fighting “evil” which the party promptly declined.

23rd of Early Vibrant, 1754

Only two days away from the city, the party informs watching nivallen about the Arkonian desecrating their relics. To which, the nivallen nodded their heads and silently dashed southward.

25th of Early Vibrant, 1754

On reaching Regalia, Duke Windell had announcements to bring for the Province.

After a bit of waiting outside the Springwood Palace, Duke Windell appears at the balcony. At his side is an awfully familiar eladrin but why you know him is just on the tip of your tongue. His hair is neatly parted which has no way to hide his scar on his right eye. Following behind them are four other nobles, one you know as Count Witherin.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am joined today by the Regalian Elders to announce the changes coming forward in the Province and the Feydom. To start, let me give thanks to all of you for coming today. It is a wonderful thing that we are in good spirits after the harsh Algid months.”

“For the business at hand, I am joined by my son, Riardon Windell, to become the Folian Guard captain over the Village of Berrinthan, a settlement subject to the town of Graylen. The celebrations will be held this evening.”

“The Masters and Mistresses of the Feydom have met with the Guardians of Drakmir and the Vrennic Consulate in Vrexen. I assure you all that our alliance will hold for another five years.”

Applause rings out from the crowd, deafening the few groans and grumbles with a few.

“As for the Arkonian menace, gnoll activity has been acting up south of Wollow and east of Minnessir. The Folian Guard is doing everything it can to keep your homes safe. Though their precious Order is still exiled to the shadows, they remain persistent to trouble us.

Back in the mainland of Elvarid, a safe path has been made to reach the cities of Mondomiri, Falderin, and Aud’mundon. Most of the lands are still unusable and poisoned by the Arkonian Plague. It is estimated we will have paths to every province by 1778, assuming drawbacks do not revert progress.

”That is all I wish to officially mention. May Orrilius guide us in these coming days.”

Alastair and Reginald headed for Riardon’s own little party in the evening. Abram stayed behind, keeping a watch for any criminal activities or any possible aberrant creatures. Lucio stayed in bars, earning pay from there.

At the ball, Alastair eyed for movers and shakers in the province while also noticing Riardon sneaking off from the main event. He and Reginald asked him about the visions involving Menora to which he promptly explained the following, while also triggering visions:

”It was during the Algid ball we had. It was this time that I would be officiated as guard captain of Berrithan. I was frustrated and did not want to mingle with the Elders or my peers. Just felt out of place is all. But Menora, I saw her there in the crowd just as misplaced. As I slunk away, we locked eyes at one point, perhaps an accidental invitation to follow.”

”Then there I was, alone at the piano, not even sure why I played at all. But her, she knew why. After a few keys, I saw her spying from the door frame. I gave her a weak half smile. In my glum piano reverie, it was soon intruded by her violin.”

”Words were not necessary that night. Through the chords and melodies we played, she knew how to speak to me. Through her fluency, she came to understand how I would never want to be captain of the guard but to be a great leader like my father instead. She flitted about the room, hoping to charm my sullen soul from its woes.”

Your mind drifts aside, recalling that night. Through Menora’s eyes, Windell’s son meekly pounded on those piano keys as she paced and twirled around the room, she never liked seeing him in this mood, especially since there was the shame yet desire to let him know she cares but perhaps care a bit more than any friend would.

From his tone, you can hear the same chord of embarrassment. After landing another twirl, they locked eyes. Riardon tried hinting at his interest despite blundering about it but Menora thought it was cute of him and retorted with the same question. In unison, they replied with a yes. From there, the two of them spent the night frolicking in their own paradise shut off from the needy world. It’s precisely what they both needed in a time like this.

You come back to see Riardon now, drunk on the nostalgia from that wondrous night.

— A script so good it had to be read twice.

Both Alastair and Reginald mentioned that they would assist him in finding her. Whether out of convenience or personal interest.

During the party, Abram noticed an odd figure pacing around the streets. They wore a wide-brimmed hat and thick frock coat. The collar rose high enough to act as a mask. Abram followed them, watching as they watched the Springwood Palace from afar as if waiting. Once the party ended, the figure then circled round back to a quieter part of the palace where Arthur Dwindle waved off his Calvoran friends. From there, the Count wondered what the figure wanted, to which the figure mentioned that another like him is here.

Abram then gathered the party after the ball, mentioning that some secretive force had found them.

Rewards Granted

  • The remaining 25 gp of the deal

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Declined the Arkonian’s offer
  • Arrived at Regalia
  • Met with Riardon about a vision 

Character(s) interacted with

  • Folian Captain of Thress
  • Duke Windell
  • Riardon Windell
  • Arthur Dwindle

The script involving Riardon’s time with Menora was read with Merry Go Round of Life:

Florenelle: Echoes of a Lifetime
Report Date
21 Dec 2020
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