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Florenelle: Echoes of a Lifetime

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of Florenic Worlds
November 30th, 2020 | Full
Supporting Cast
  • Khalim Alquidad
    A stern yet caring man from Prageria. He is a mentor in the Doctrine Society.

Sessions Archive

28th Dec 2020

Echoes Session 5: The Cure

The party is close to finding whatever cure they can find for their condition.

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21st Dec 2020

Echoes Session 4: Road to Regalia

The party makes their way to Regalia, hoping to finally get answers from Neurovek.

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14th Dec 2020

Echoes Session 3: To Minnessir

The party continues their journey to Minnessir, leaving from the Village of Belmari.

7th Dec 2020

Echoes Session 2: Road to Minnessir

The party prepares themselves for the road from Wollow to Minnessir with the help of Fendrin Rethmarille.

30th Nov 2020

Echoes Session 1: Awakening

The party awakens in a manor, unaware of how they got here. The only clue is whoever questioned them beforehand...

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