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Echoes Session 11: A Yellow Meeting

General Summary

9th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

The party comes face to face with Kordgelle. The One in Yellow makes his demands to the party that they can have their minds altered and live new and potentially more fulfilling lives or take up a job that shows they have the reverence and respect for what they are dabbling into.

The party, given little choice, decides to take on his request. They are granted with an elysium disk as a key to a doorway within a room where Daldenstein resides.

You will know how to use it when you see where the disk goes.

10th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

The party returns to the Province of Regalia and looks for the Eye of the Seer along the coast south of Graylen. What they noticed is that the gnolls got to the shore first. They also were found in a scuffle with odd humanoids with fish-like abnormalities. While one of them ran off holding an orb, Abram plucked it from its arms with mage hand then ran off with invisibility. The gnolls caught up with that creature and shot it, swiftly becoming disappointed of what they found on it.

The party experimented with the shiny orb for a moment, growing doubts if this was the Eye of the Seer. Akros proceeded to cast Locate Object to confirm that the Eye was nowhere nearby.

Down the path where the gnolls were clustering, the party noticed that they met up with the Arkonian Dreadlord Salazar Kiver. The gnolls were furious that their leader misled them on a hunt. However, Salazar quickly shamed them that he only mentioned that he saw an orb on the coast and they were the ones who assumed it was Mother Maratha’s Eye of the Seer.

13th of Mid-Vibrant, 1754

The party returns to the City of Regalia to confirm to Neurovek that they hadn’t found the Eye of the Seer. Instead, they found a pretty sizable pearl. So the party went out to the underground to find the kobold with his signature shades while sunbathing as usual. During the dealing, the kobold tried offering a little bit off for what the pearl ought to be worth and things almost got violent. They settled on 225 Florens for the trade and Alastair was quick to apologize to the kobold with 50 florens to ease the tensions.

Rewards Granted

  • 225 florens

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Negotiated peacefully with Kordgelle
  • Resolved the orb found on the shore

Character(s) interacted with

  • Kordgelle
  • Magistrate Alyirdon
  • Magistrate Neurovek
  • Kobold in shades
Report Date
15 Feb 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Florenic Discord


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