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Bunny Session 5

General Summary

25th of Late Hollow, 1725

Graylen, Province of Regalia

After returning home from Dawnfall Manor, the Blasted Bunnies are approached by Monsieur Leclerc asking for their help in rescuing Kordrus from Arkonian marauders. Greatly agitated after having emphasized protecting the boy, the Bunnies head out to Graylen, a coastal town in the Province of Regalia.

After defeating Captain Peril, the Bunnies rescue Kordrus and claim the ship. Nearis Denitry and two other Arcane League professors came by to ensure that Kordrus was safe. Distrusting in their ability to keep the boy safe, they take him along in their journeys.

Once the conversation had ended, Bane consulted with Captain Peril about the bounty. Bane fooled the Captain in faking a bounty to take the kid's place so he could stay safe. Peril eagerly accepted to the scheme with an agreement to have a share of the bounty.

After Denitry expressed his interest in Johny, they conversed about the new Headmaster's intentions. It's discovered that he has a plan of ascendancy by coordinating with the Gathering. Johny takes interest (as to trick Denitry's interest in giving information) and provides each other with sending stones to stay in touch.

Bane privately conversed with Kordrus about what is to be done about his situation. He explains to the party that they can fake the bounty and have those Arkonians leave him alone. After Johny had restored Viola, an eladrin, to her human from the viol, the Bunnies knew they could disguise one of his blether servants to act as the boy.


20th of Early Algid, 1725

Province of Carrington

On the seas, the Party fooled Captain Peril into diving in the sea to swim with the dolphins. He got taken out in the process.

After sailing toward Carrington, the Bunnies dock in the port town of Canterport where the letter mentioned some Nox to be waiting there. Instead, they found a looming green fog that ominously smothered the region. Heading into town, there has been paranoid commoners and a few eerie locals. One of which was a professor tapping an eerie tune on a table. A priest even beckoned that someone help investigate Vicar Learing's wellbeing over in Havenwell.

After finding some of Nox members in the Rusty Bloke Inn, they agree to take Bane and Makar to privately see Overseer Saren Eredren about the forgeries. Johny went to Fort Nesmin after Governess Collingwood requested that someone check on her son since letters from the fort had stopped showing up as usual.

Before they could split ways, the party entered Bristlewood. The locals are panicked after a faceless devil had torn up Constable Luithille. It's discovered that he had honig sap in his pocket where the heaviest injuries were dealt.

After talking with Overseer Eredren, he confirms that the letter was forged by someone, using the Knight's name to push a discreet agenda.

Johny arrived at a ruined Fort Nesmin. Bodies were scattered and a pack of those faceless devils fled, except for one who stood back to "clean" the matter. Johny snuck through and went into the fort to find that the nightgaunts (as told by Nearis Denitry) had duck through the mess hall to enter into the facility via a portal to from the University.

Johny found Private Stuart Collingwood and a Madrian prisoner left alive. He also finds a gooey black rock, a trapezohedron. Stepping back out into the carnage, Johny meets Pacifist, a nightgaunt who seeks to unaffiliate himself with the Headmaster.

The Bunnies leave off after returning Stuart back to his mother in Canterport where Johny keeps procrastinating going to Crowley University, testing Denitry's patience.

Rewards Granted

  • 300 florens

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Rescued Kordrus
  • Defeated Captain Peril
  • Restored Viola to her eladrin form
  • Rescued Governess Collingwood's son

Character(s) interacted with

  • Captain Peril
  • Kordrus
  • Nearis Denitry
  • Viola
  • Overseer Saren Eredren
  • Governess Collingwood
  • Pacifist


Main Quests

  • Go to Crowley University


  • Aid Vicar Learing in Havenwell

Quotes and Highlights

Bane, who's voice is in Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I shall name this horse the Choppa! I must get to the Choppa!"
"Did I cap out the right person? Hold on. Sure." DM, wondering if he applied the damage to the correct guy.
"The hills are alive!" DM, after Bane imitates his past one-hit kills.
"A man of a thousand faces. Each one exactly the same." DM about LeClerc's terrible disguises
"Do it to the black guy next to him!" Johny, in reference to a black orc miniature. "That sounds so bad out of context." DM
"That's some pretty strong chockey milk!" DM
"Of course. Any time." Denitry, after Johny says that he reserves the right to leave at any time.
"It's a specific type of persuasion" Alvyn, after Bane says he'll "persuade" (intimidate) his him into joining the Bunnies
"Alcohol is a lubricant, of course!" Makar, explaining why the "clockworks" would drink alcohol.
"So I can tell you're going through a midlife crisis." Johny "Every day is a midlife crisis." DM - Transmutation Wizard of the Arcane League
"Sweet home Alabama!" DM, talking after Johny had said he viewed Viola as an 'older sister,' where the DM also adds "Yee-haw!" "Yee-NAW!"
"Blether- you know common." Johny "Okay. Sounds familiar." DM - blether servant
"We can't control the wind! I cast Wind--" Jordan, leaving Captain Peril behind with the dolphins.
Attending Characters
  • Alvyn Bafflestone (Gnome Artificer)
  • Bane (Gnoll Barbarian)
  • Johny Goodfellow (Eladrin Sorcerer)
  • Makar (Dwarrin Ranger)
  • Tazerface (Half-Orc Rogue)
Report Date
14 Dec 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Arkonian Bounty
To the Arkonian Admiralty of the Nidus Fleet,

By the decree of Count Constantine, you are to obtain a sadarren youth who has been gifted with the Shadowfell's gloom, alive, mind you. Once this task is complete, you are to then take him to Canterport. There is a Nox presence there and they have agreed to help me take the boy to the Master.

Once this matter is resolved, the highest pay will go to the captain who brings him in.

C. Ramsley

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