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Elvarish (ell-vah-rish)

The violin and flute are instruments those elves know how to use well. Their music alone yearns for a longing of home and the memories of it. A shame we can’t replicate the art back home.


Elvarish is an accidental culture. As outsiders witnessed the breathtaking beauty innately with eladrin performances and artwork, they always wanted to replicate it. Those elves always laughed at their attempts to replicate it as they didn’t have the innate raw energy of Elvarid behind them.

Now that many have become refugees in the Province of Regalia, the eladrin are now in that same position. They no longer have fey butterflies or other majestic powers behind them. Their acts are as simplistic as the outsiders they mocked now.


Beauty Ideals

Foliage artwork is a key staple in their design, whether through subtle patterns or outright floral designs.

Gender Ideals

As Orrilius lost Ellakah, it sent a ripple through many male elves to be protective of their female partners.

Courtship Ideals

Because it’s a heavily elven-influenced culture, it is advised to date among your fellow race. Elves with elves, humans with humans, and vren with vren. The fear is about the life expectancy between the couple. One partner outliving the other, leaving the elven partner with a long time of ache and woe.

Relationship Ideals

Elvarish types are very naive and whimsical. Why waste time dawdling about what if scenarios and uncertain futures when you can instead embrace life? They prefer their friends to be just as carefree. Wasting time on pedantic and tedious matters only gets on their nerves.

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