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Branch Wardens

Nivallen Ambassadors


Amender of the Wild

The leader of the Branch Wardens. They are located deep within the mysterious woods of Pineveil. Their duty is to oversee and guide the Wardens on their duties. Should a conflict be deemed too severe or difficult for wardens to resolve, the Amender takes charge to finally conclude it.


Wardens are the champions who made their way to Pineveil and successfully prevailed over the trial. Their duties are to be both guardians over Pineveil and judges among nivallen tribes.


Pilgrimage to Pineveil

In order to become a Branch Warden, one must be chosen by a current Branch Warden and then journey to Pineveil. It is a trial for the aspiring acolyte to test their "fluency" with nature. If they are successful, then they may have entry to this secluded grove. There, they truly learn about this nature-based magic further and learn the necessities needed to protect the livelihood of the wilderness.

Public Agenda

To uphold Barenor's original teachings of the natural world and to protect its wellbeing.


While Barenor went back home to Elvarid to fight in the Necromantic War, the nivallen got anxious on leadership. Many followers of Barenor’s followers were young and naïve, a dangerous recipe without an old and wise leader in Faene societies. Some wanted to take charge in his absence and it would lead to a schism based on desired visions. Thus, the tribalism began with the nivallen peoples.

The struggle for unity really grinded on the nivallen until the Necromantic War became local. Many elders came together and agreed that the Arkonian Order posed a threat to the longevity of the woodlands. So, the Branch Wardens were formed as a unitary circle to combat the onslaught of undead monstrosities and their necromancer masters. Despite doing what they could, they were defeated by Count Constantine. The Arkonian Order did what it could to wipe away any sense of hope during the occupation but the nivallen knew their forest homelands better than their enemies.

After the Necromantic War and into the Age of Restoration, the Branch Wardens were the ones who led vast projects to heal Thracallia’s wilderness. Eventually, the Branch Wardens became more of a religious group who sought to uphold Barenor's original ideals of understanding nature as a partner the longer they went on. That is why Barenor chose them as exemplars, making it known to all tribes. So whenever inner conflict gets intensive or volatile with tribes that it could risk harm to the wilderness, such as wildfires, the Branch Wardens are called to tame the situation.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Branch Wardens are considered as either respected champions or sacred chosen depending on which nivallen tribe you speak to. Because of this prestigious outlook, they are sought by the tribes as ambassadors to mediate relations.

Through sharpened branches and roiling storms, we vow to protect our provider.

Founding Date
53 BRE
Religious, Druidic Circle
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Branch Warden
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