Lady of Pineveil

Ardentia Firandrir- Halianra (a.k.a. Lady of Pineveil)

Divine Domains

For Clerics

Life, Nature, Tempest

For Druids

Land (Forest, Grassland), Moon, Shepherd

For Warlocks

The Archfey

Tenets of Faith

Like her dear Barenor, Ardentia believes that nature is not meant to be idolized or sanctified in some way. We are equal to the natural world since every living thing is part of it. As such, it is perfectly fair to utilize the wood of trees so long as there is a harmony of harvesting and regrowing of the natural materials..

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Protect the integrity of forests on the continent of Thracallia.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ardentia has her beginnings as one of the first nivallen exiled with Barenor. She, along with her friends and other fellow followers, grew a talent for understanding nature quickly like the rest. Though, her leadership within the Pineveil region is what helped her stand out compared to the rest.

By the time of the Necromantic War, and the Arkonian Order sought out the remains of the Feydom Confederacy, she was put in a difficult position. She chose to sacrifice herself so that the woodlands would be unharmed and the tribe could flee.

Tabith saw this great deed and allows her spirit to roam free where she once protected. She kept the grove safe and nurtured what she could by driving off pests and outsiders. Though, this lifestyle changed when a grief-stricken Barenor came to Pineveil after returning from the Necromantic War. The two bonded ever since.

Now, the Lady of Pineveil watches over her dominion, now home to the Branch Wardens that help oversee the overall wellbeing of the wilds and nivallen tribal affairs.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Good

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