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29th "Rescue" Division


The Captain

The Captain of the 29th leads the entirety of these guardians.


Lieutenants help organize and rally fellow deserters and volunteers to aid places that need it most.


Sargeants lead privates and deserters into the fight.

Deserters & Privates

Deserters and privates fall under the same rank and act as the muscle to fight against the horrors.

Public Agenda

Defend those who can't defend themselves. Usually, these are matters beyond a civilian's control, such as a gnoll raid or creatures that lurk in dark forests. They are the brave souls willing to charge into the night to save even those on their deathbeds.


The Wasteful Conflict

During the Colonial War, a task force known as the 29th, was stationed within the city of Eddington, Trinidad on the Thracallian continent. The regiment was sent to engage a Valencian assault and to defend the area they planned to attack. The 29th marched onto the village, only to be ambushed by a different threat.

During the engagement between the belligerent forces, a new threat emerged from the moonlit woodlands: werewolves. The beasts charged and indiscriminately attacked whoever they saw, be it blether or humanoid.

By sunrise, only 12 of the 1000 29th members survived the encounter.

A New Purpose

Captain Everheart, the officer over the regiment, was infuriated. He believed the Triumvirate wasn't the real threat to Trinidad, it was whatever abominable things lurked in the dark. He and the rest of the survivors deserted the army and went on to encourage desertion to join the 29th. They even extend this invitation to the Triumvirate and even some have deserted their armies for this selfless purpose. These heroic outlaws are known to roam around villages to aid the locals against other monstrosities ever since.

We are the sword for the defenseless

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Guild, Adventuring
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