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An Arkonian Pirate in Oceania

Captain Calcivus Dremok

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Because of his long while in the Shadowfell, he could be mistaken for being freshly undead. This sadarren is agile and lean.

Body Features

Short, black hair puffs out the back of his head.

Facial Features

Like an elf, his ears are not the only pointed features. His chin is fairly pointed. On his pale face are black sideburns.

Special abilities

Because of his time and training with the Arkonian Order, Calcivus can revive his crew but turn them into undead thralls.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Calcivus was born and raised in the Shadowfell. He was highly devout to the Arkonian Order, believing them to be the only remedy to escape and cause a mass exodus out of that horrid place. To his surprise, it wouldn’t be the case actually. Sort of. It was through a reclusive group called the Red Ghouls that would pull him out of there and into Florenelle.

Once there, he needed to make a living so he signed on with the Glenbrook Trading Company. What piqued his interest into the pirating lifestyle was the freedom and few limitations to bind him. Using that experience, he signed off and sunk a few ships. It was this success that the Arkonian Order sought to use him for refining dreadnought ships. Begrudgingly, he accepted the offer and has made many contributions into improving their designs.

Now Captain Dremok terrorizes the seas freely as he wanted. An undead crew is under his command and fear is one of his hallmark weapons.


Religious Views

He’s always laughed at the idea of bowing to a deity. They are never present and rarely intervene when needed most. It’s this reason he loves preying on Calvoran ships.

Neutral Evil
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain of the Rotten Drudge
Current Residence
Rotten Drudge
Quotes & Catchphrases
Death means nothing to me. I will return again and again!
Aligned Organization

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