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The blacksmith rolled his eyes at the young tiefling, “What do you mean I’m unrested? It is such a vague and annoying term you people throw around at anyone!”

“Such an outburst like that is a symptom of your unrest. Being at unrest is what we believe as being anxious, agitated, or whatever uncomfortable emotions we can be in. Oftentimes, we are at unrest because of unresolved problems in life. You may think I am annoying at the moment but wait until you dream tonight. I’m confident we can ease whatever burdens you.”

Divine Origins

Between Elvarid and the Fell in the cosmology is Somnius that lingers above everything else and is the closest to the astral plane. The creation of Somnius is unclear to the Dreamwalkers and Somara. Before it was refined to the way it is now, it was only filled with manifestations of what people loved, hated, feared, neglected, and what other sorts of emotions filled them. There was, however, a constant pattern of dread and joy within them.

Ever since, Somara went on and found a way to understand the ebb and flow between Somnius and the Florenic Worlds. What she found was that the collective worries and hope of the people throughout the cosmos afflicts this realm. In times of growing panic, Trepidition, the gloomy land, rises in power. In times of joy and peace, Fascinatia grows in mighty splendor. That is why Dreamwalkers are sent by Somara to bring peace to the world, as Fascinatia is a land that struggles to thrive.

Tenets of Faith

Balance in Somnius

In Somnius, there are two polar opposite lands known as Trepidition and Fascinatia. These areas represent the overall outlook of each and every sapient being in Florenelle, the Shadowfell, and Elvarid. Should their be more joy and optimism in those areas (which is a rarity), Fascinatia becomes a strong and vibrant place. If there’s more dread and sorrow (which is roughly more common), Trepidition grows stronger.

That’s why it’s up to Dreamwalkers to bring a state of balance between the two. They bring balance by the idea of “unrest.” To them, it’s a condition a person enters when they are under constant stress such as anxiety, dread, fear, or what have you. To be at rest is to balance your emotions of good and bad emotions to boil it down into being content with your surroundings. It’s because of these practices are why Dreamwalkers often enter various situations with very little complaint or getting into depraved behaviors.

Here are some techniques the Dreamwalkers advise to help be at rest:

  • Find a means of coping with your fears before they control you.
  • Be cautious around pleasures lest they possess you.
  • Community helps the soul be part of something bigger than the self.
  • Bringing harm should only come for preserving others from an attacker.

  • Granted Divine Powers

    When an aspiring Dreamwalker finally reaches a state of rest for the first time under a tutor, Somara then believes they are ready for their journey. They are granted with magic and their own enchanted staff for visiting Somnius when they sleep.

    Political Influence & Intrigue

    Certain leaders aren’t fond of Dreamwalkers. Usually they think they turn their people into pacifists with their ideals of being at rest. Ilshmarric warlords are especially at fault, as they often persecute Dreamwalkers to ensure their troops aren’t turned into soft and feely pacifists.

    Religious leaders like the Gregorians love seeing Dreamwalkers since their beliefs often intertwine to bring spiritual benefits.

    Be at rest

    Religious, Druidic Circle
    Controlled Territories

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