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Petton Dyrovius

A Prodigy on Arcana

Petton Dyrovius

I’m so close to figuring out what could lie beyond the Astral Plane! I can feel it, Mr. Holm! I just feel unsafe with Kordgelle’s illithids breathing down my neck.

— Final words from a letter Dyrovius sent to Percival Holm.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Petton Dyrovius started out as a colonist in the town of Helmington on Thracallia. It would be what few and rare encounters he would have with mages that would mystify him to pursue such a career. Ginger is a common trade there so he scrounged up what florens he could to go out and study at the local university operated by the Arcane League.

Petton received high marks compared to his classmates. Most likely because he often kept himself secluded and let his wanderlust on magic take over. His dreams of handling powerful spells definitely came true as he tried out to become a professor in the League. His colleagues believed that being headmaster of Aberford University was more fitting considering how quickly he learned the arcane.

From there, he would eventually meet with Percival Holm, a member of the Doctrine Society who takes focus on magic as well. The two eccentric gentlemen swiftly became friends during a test to see if they could teach an animal the arcane arts. Surely enough, his dog Spud managed to do so.

With one last challenge, he wanted to know what lied beyond the Astral Plane. This would be a task Kordgelle would not take kindly to. The last Petton Dyrovius was heard from would be a letter he sent to Percival believing he was close to a solution.


He studied at Aberford University and would soon become its headmaster.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Received top marks compared to his class
  • Taught a dog how to utilize arcana.


Contacts & Relations

Percival Holm

A magistrate of the Doctrine Society is one of his closest associates. Percival Holm, the flamboyant and dandy scholar of magic, is a big socialite. The duo have studied various magical studies together back when they were in the Arcane League.

Religious Views

He is a Gregorian and firmly believes that through knowledge, advancements will improve quality of life. To him, this would be how he would get into Haven.

Hobbies & Pets

Spud is his pet dog that he personally trained.

Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Headmaster of Aberford University
  • Chairman of the Arcane League
Year of Birth
1648 Me 72 Years old
Current Residence
Aberford University
Quotes & Catchphrases

I have taught a dog of arcane practices. What sort of challenges could I not overcome?

Aligned Organization

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