Yuan-ti Pureblood

Basic Information


Common yuan-ti anatomy involves a humanoid shape with a few snake-like features that sprinkle around. Some include a forked tongue, slit eyes, and specks of snake scales along the arm.

Ecology and Habitats

Many yuan-ti favor a tropical or hot climate, as those with less humanoid biologies have cold blood that runs through their veins.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Traditional yuan-ti structures favor the most snake-like of their kindred to lead their communities. It is believed they harbor greater talents and gifts from their snake deities.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Many yuan-ti can be found in the tropical areas of Slithane and Prageria.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

The two types of cultural standards the yuan-ti subscribe to are the traditional standards or the feeling standards.

The traditional standards are those who believe in the old ways of emotionless pragmatism and superiority. Some even think this mindset will restore the former glories of the empire.

The moral standards are the yuan-ti who believe the old ways are what will continue to bog down the empire. They believe emotions and decency are what will help the empire be more approachable and that other peoples can have a greater value than a yuan-ti.

Historical Figures

The Deceiver

Many yuan-ti who are loyal to the traditional values loathe Salazar Kiver while the moral standard cherishes him for unveiling the sinister horrors of the empire. He was the poisonous tongue who kept whispering delusions to their emperor into taking ridiculous choices. Out of his own personal spite when he got discovered, Kiver left an irreparable mess to the yuan-ti empire: a power vacuum. By murdering the emperor, it stirred infighting amongst the warlords on who would rule the matter.

Scientific Name
Homo Coatlis
80 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
140 lbs.

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