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The People of Icyglia


Culture and cultural heritage

Being descended from shipwrecked Rhinelanders, the Icyiglicans adopt many of their naming traditions and faith in the Gregorian Church. Because they are far from a more familiar home, their Rhinelander traditions have forever been lost to the verbal tradition and hearsay.

Art & Architecture

Much of Icyiglican architecture is simplistic and a little hard for the eyes to look at. It sacrifices beauty in favor of resisting the hungering cold that looms around their homeland. Cramped and bloated with thermal materials to keep it warm, their homes would never win any beauty contests.

Common Taboos


To be idle and sitting in place is an easy way to ire Icygiclans. There must always be an activity, whether if it's contributing to the community or building connections with others. To sit back is to further setback the community's survival. Children often have to sacrifice bits of their childhood to contribute in workplaces if they hope to have a higher approval with their neighbors and employers.

Fighting at Work

Never physically scuffle in the workplace. Accidents can be costly to the community so any tensions are meant to be resolved outside. Those who do scuffle during work are seen as problematic and a risk to stability.

Major organizations

Gregorian Church

For some Icyglicans, faith in the Gregorian Church is what keeps them motivated. They believe that one day, the church will notice their suffering and uplift their burdens. Even the spirits have communed with a few members, being chosen among Archbishop Akramann’s priests.


To other Icyglicans, the frost will always be a guarantee. Work is the only way to survive and stave it off. Under the guidance of Vladilen Renkirov, the Arbeiters have made the innovations of making life just a little more comfortable and bearable for everyone.

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