Echoes Session 17: Dragons and Kiver

The Dreadlord Returns!

General Summary

17th of Late Ardent, 1754

The party encountered three vicious wyverns. Before two of the beasts could run off after being brutally maimed and wounded, a black and bronze dragon came in to scare them off for good. Riding atop the bronze dragon was Tev, Kyou Nakamura’s chosen mentor. Because Alastair was curious about the sword he had obtained, he sought Thundrama in her own lair after the two dragons provided a ride to her stormy domain.

22nd of Late Ardent, 1754

On arrival to the cave, Alastair met with Thundrama. The purple dragon mentioned that the sword is rightfully his if Kelemveg had granted him the honor of wielding it. She did mention that having him as a Kustren, a champion, would be of interest to her.

After the meeting, the party then flew for Nakamura’s base of operations.

25th of Late Ardent, 1754

In Nakamura’s lair, Tev advises the party to watch what they touch carefully. The magistrate has been investigating kidnappings. Akros and Alastair take interest, finding out that there has been a lot of involvement with the use of dragon blood. For the rest of the day, the party unwinded. Akros played around with the turquoise wyrmling within the hatchery she has. Alastair reflected on the island and what was to come. Abram tended to his magical crafting.

26th of Late Ardent, 1754

Back in Neurovek’s base of operations, the party meets with Meldrik Thurn. A vampire formerly of the Arkonian Order and is now part of Neurovek’s sword cadre. He and Stubs, the myconid pet, mention that while the party has been away, they recently missed a sorrowsworn attack.

Before the party headed out to investigate, Salazar Kiver encroached. He mentioned that Kordrus would need to flee Regalia before the eladrin connect the dots and pin the creature’s existence to the Kordrus. Kiver even presented a scroll of a modified Revivify spell that has an extended period for when the creature has died, up to five years.

Abram rejected this notion, implying that the Faene would have to go through him first. Kiver then inquired what lesson Abram would teach the boy. He feared his only purpose to guide the boy was spite and vengeance. No, Abram emphasized that he would try his hardest to be the best mentor for Kordrus and not end up like some sort of Arkonian weapon.

Kiver then stood behind Abram, mentioning his approval of such a path. But that’s when the Dreadlord felt off. He was looking past Akros and didn’t even acknowledge his presence. Abram called him out on it and it no doubt irked the Kiver. Taking his leave after being insulted, he then vanished off to be amongst the grief-stricken crowds of eladrin. Akros followed him.

What Akros discovered is that he had let in four of his impure Arkonians to help him find the Eye of the Seer. It was last seen with the former adventuring party that had defeated Arkengrath, particularly Scotch McTavish’s bar. Though, one of them lingered and asked the Dreadlord who is “associate” was. From there, Akros managed to push Kiver in many sensitive nerves. The Dreadlord known for manipulation nearly broke down after revealing his desire to help the helpless from their horrid conditions and give them some sort of strength. Akros had no doubt left his mark on him.

The party then regrouped and ventured on for the Terrible Tarrasque bar. There they found three eladrin health inspectors searching around the joint. The leader was conversing with the main waitress, as the inspector believed it best to shut down the establishment for a time being. He worried that poisonings could be a thing and prevention would be a must.

It was soon unraveled that the health inspecting eladrin weren’t here exactly for the quality of the food and drink. They were no doubt Kiver’s impure on the hunt for the Eye of the Seer. Two of the inspectors were in the cellar and the main third had successfully stalled and distracted the party. He even used a fly spell to quickly evade out of the tavern. Abram followed suit, desperate to chase after him.

After the chase had reached into a quiet street, the bloodied impure, still disguised as an eladrin, became fanatical to Abram to kill him.

Come on then! Tear me apart right here! Prove Kiver right that you are the monster he claims you to be!

Just before Abram pounced at the impure, he spotted Kordrus in the distance, attended by Meldrik Thurn with an umbrella overhead. Mortified, Abram tried to reassure to the boy that the impure there was the enemy. Though, just as Kiver began to speak, Abram took to measures to blot out his snake tongue by stabbing himself in the ear and head. He then ran off up north.

All as intended. I tried to warn you that, by meddling in my affairs, I would turn your sense of humanity into a festering mongrel.

Salazar Kiver to everyone in the party.

Mortified, Kordrus broke down. He wanted to run back to Morskaya and see his adopting grandmother again. Akros and Fernando cheered him up and reminded him that Kiver is manipulative. When it was theorized that the Dreadlord awakened Volcana, that was enough to boil the blood in the boy’s veins. He then stood up and called out that he would no longer adhere to his snake tongue.

“I’m no longer your pet, Kiver! I won’t listen to you anymore,” Kordrus shouted in the open.

Akros heard a deafening screech-like howl in the distance.

Kiver’s voice permeated around their minds. Disdain and shock riddled in his voice, “If this is the path you seek, know I will no longer be there to protect you! You shall fend for yourself from here!”

With that, a tense party then has to search for Abram. They no doubt worry what could develop next...

Rewards Granted

  • 300 florens

Missions/Quests Completed

  • Met with Thundrama
  • Saved Kordrus from Kiver’s influence

Character(s) interacted with

  • Tev
  • Malkan
  • Thundrama
  • Meldrik Thurn
  • Kordrus
  • Salazar Kiver
  • Neurovek
Report Date
05 Apr 2021
Secondary Location

Florenic Discord


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