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A Draconic Culture in Eisigfeld


Culture and cultural heritage

Koldraks descend from the dragons of the Dominion of Argatok. It was the paler in color and hue kind of dragons that settled here. They only know they sought refuge from an apocalypse, which is presumed to be the Necromantic War. Because of this, they still carry on some elements of this heritage, especially seen with the kobolds and dragonborn.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Once someone dies, it is customary to preserve them in ice so as to keep them from deteriorating forever. It is mainly to preserve their memory.


Beauty Ideals

Just like their Argaton counterparts in the south, Koldraks are fascinated with draconic features. They love aspiring to be these mighty dragons. It's not out of supremacy, but more so because it brings a majestic aura about it.

Gender Ideals

Because contribution is a heavier aspect in their lifestyle to survive, both genders are expected to work. Though with women, they can get a lighter workload because of their motherhood responsibilities. Men are expected to be tough and rigid for the sake of compensating for the ladies.

Courtship Ideals

To date a Koldrak can be a very pushy relationship. They expect the most out of their partners and get a sense of accomplishment with every task and chore completed.

Relationship Ideals

You better be reliable if you want a long-term Koldrak friend. Where as an Argaton can be forgiving and easy, Koldraks are not as merciful. To survive in the cruel cold, they have an instinctual ire for having to pick up anyone's slack. Should one prove themselves, they will have a good friend who's more than happy to share a drink.

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