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Beginner’s Guide to Arturias

A Quick Guide to the Arturias Setting

Table of Contents
  • Welcome to Arturias
  • Major Themes
  • Major Factions of Arturias
  • Races in Arturias
  • Languages
  • Core History of Arturias
  • Welcome to Arturias

    Welcome to Arturias! The most technologically advanced setting in the Florenic Worlds. An aesthetic that contains a mix of Victorian and early 1900’s. Here, there are vast steam engine ships in the skies and complex clockwork contraptions that work wonders. However, where there are great scientific advancements, there are also dangerous discoveries and uses out of such technology.

    Major Themes

    Advancements of Society

    One of the main highlights of the Arturian setting are not only technological advancements, but also in fields like politics, philosophy, and other familiar modern thinking as a result. Working unions form, revolutionary calls to bring down monarchies, the idea of evolution, and more. However, with new lines of thinking and fresh technology, that means there are darker means to implement them. For example, development in psychology means being able to heal broken minds but also knowledge on how to subjugate another’s will.

    Much to Lose

    The current time in Arturias is a golden one! So many cities of grandeur with high-rising structures that are just shy of meeting the clouds. The innovation in transportation and heavy-lifting now slowly puts owning horses as a casual pastime than utility. Thanks to conservation efforts, a harmony has been found between the wilds and civilization to ensure a healthy balance.

    In all this prosperity, there is a grand problem many try to avoid thinking about. The countries of Cordero and Doven have been bitter rivals ever since the Cultural Renaissance. With time, they have become the dominant powers on the continent seeking ways to undermine and thwart the other. The coming of the Industrial Era was at a terrible timing as both countries now have powerful armaments that could wipe away entire regiments of soldiers if not cities.

    The fighting between Cordero and Doven is an obvious factor. However, the system of alliances between the two powers means if one smaller country attacks the other, that entails a chain reaction for the declaration of wars to break out. May the Everlight have mercy should that day ever come.

    Decline of Altruism

    In a time of experimentation and prime opportunities to indulge in selfish pursuits, what does it cost to get what you want? For those who work on machines, why wouldn’t they see their fellows the same? Especially as some regions push away from positive planar influences to do what they want, someone must pay that price and it’s often not the one in pursuit of power.

    Often it is the case that those who mean well are the weakest voice or force. To get somewhere far means shaking dirty, or even worse, bloodied hands.

    Major Factions of Arturias


    If it weren’t for the elusive Artisans on top, Cordero might have collapsed. Though, because of the Artisans, freedoms were exchanged for security. Cordero is under the debatable rule of the Artisans, which in their words, are the elites within Corderan society ensuring the best wellbeing of the country. One cannot deny that the Artisans kept the country from slipping into poverty after Doven’s intervention with their trading partners awhile back. One can certainly question the brutish and clear abuses of power to ensure the country survives. For leading the country is Donovan Foster.

    Foster Secures Corderan Glory

    It seems destiny favors us once more on the world stage. King Cedric Barlen once more stands down from his baseless threats against our border town of Averen after being confronted by Imperator Foster in Tarleton. After months of the town being harassed by Dover soldiers making daily life unsafe, the Imperator once again comes to the aid of the people and forced the King’s hand to have his army return to Dover borders.
    — Octavian Hargrove

    Like Doven, it is an industrial powerhouse. Among the grayscale fog and horns of the factories, workers listen to messages from the Cavalcade Chronicle, the official news outlet of the country. The radios blare the messages of Octavian Hargrove, both the chairman of the news site and main speaker. For most Corderans, this is only the news source they’ll hear from besides any news from their allies. Often the news tells about the glories of the nation while also validating the people’s bitterness with Doven.


    By perseverance and humble nature, Doven thrives as a kingdom. The reign of King and Queen Barlen ends with their passing away 8 years ago as their prince, Cedric Barlen, had ascended as monarch in their position. Up high in the castle balcony in the city of Tarleton was the announcement made. Half the country had went on with their lives as its the Ministry where more of the critical decisions over the country are made rather than on the throne.

    If anything, life is quite cushioned these days. New innovations from Edwin and Ellen Thomter, innovations with using radio entertainment shows, and even a new blimp for airfare traveling. It’s no wonder that many Dovers within the country live life unaffected by Corderan fearmongering unlike those who live on the border.

    Races in Arturias

    Long ago before the Nastir Empire, the known races lived apart in simple tribes. It would soon be because of the old religion of the Cultivarum that allowed them to unite together more cohesively under the Nastirn banner. When the Empire soon fell apart on the last emperor’s death, only then did the races begin to scatter during the Feudal Era as they aligned with favorable factions.

    In short, many civilizations have diverse populations and demographics. Though, some places will have massive gatherings of their same kindred (as elves prefer to mingle with partners that share the same life expectancy).

    Core History of Arturias

    For more in-depth detail, here is the core exposition of the Arturian setting in detail:

    Story of Arturias
    Prose | Apr 4, 2024

    Exposition of the Arturias Setting

    Nastirn Era

    The Nastirn Empire began as the many tribes all slowly came under one banner with the aid of the Cultivarum, a religion dedicated to beings from Haven, Dictation, and Elvarid. The greatest threat that occurred was of a tyrant seeking to dominate the land. Hastliven and his followers, the Stlikers, are snake-eyed mystics who attempted to dominate the land but were defeated by brave adventurers.

    In his defeat, Hastliven cursed the unity that toppled him, vowing that eternal strife would plague them all.

    Feudal Era

    At the death of Emperor Kahlen, the Nastirn Empire fell apart as nobles desired such a position and began warring over who would be the rightful ruler. Many rulers and tyrants sprout up as a result as alliances and enemies shifted drastically. This is when the races slowly scattered as result of the constant shifting of wars as people marched far and wide to engage or run from battle.

    Enlightenment Era

    Because of the Feudal Era’s chaos, the people decided that it was best to define their own culture instead of returning to the Nastirn Empire’s glory days. Some even blamed the Cultivarum for trying to return to unity by whatever the cost. An Age of Enlightenment began as people put the past behind and instead explored new possibilities. New forms of art styles and architectural projects were made.

    The countries of Doven and Cordero emerged. Their bitter rivalry grew as both prospered in the coming days. Near the end, the Miral war ended with Cordero losing their buffer state and Doven to relish in the spoils, leaving their rival bitter and defeated more than before.

    Industrial Era

    An explosion of ingenuity. Through the marvels of steam power and factories, the quality of living had finally begun to rise for not just the wealthy but for those even on the bottom. Many inventors and entrepreneurs began to grow curious on what marvels could be made. Flying ships in the sky to help people travel far and wide, boats no longer being at the mercy of the wind to move, and the use of clockwork to perform complex tasks.

    Though, where there are improvements on a civil stage, Cordero and Doven are keen to improve on a military scale. Flying ships in the sky to drop bombs far and wide, boats with great cannonballs to travel through the wind, and the use of clockwork machines to rid the need of living manpower. May whatever deity is listening save us should those two go to war…

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