Story of Arturias

Exposition of the Arturias Setting

Nastirn Era

Duration: 0-840

As the times began getting recorded, there were loose tribes all scattered around. After a few decades, divine powers from Dictation, Elvarid, and Haven founded the Cultivarum. This religion helped to unify the peoples together into the Nastirn Empire. Such a peace was fragile trying to maintain the needs and different preferences of the others.

What occurred to test the Empire most of all was the rise of Hastliven. His followers, the Stliken, followed this dark lord into aspiring for power. They were noted in having snake eyes to denote loyal followers. Thanks to the heroes of the Empire, loose bands of adventurers stopped him. In one last confrontation, Hastliven invoked Infernal power to curse the Empire as a whole. Scholars argue if it was a literal curse that would disrupt Nastirn unity as a whole, directed at its leadership, or to the adventuring party.

In the end, the Stliken were banished to the Stlikere Desert. There, they were free to practice strange and esoteric magics. Naturally, the other peoples see them with caution.

Feudal Era

Duration 842-1460

At the death of Emperor Kahlen, a handful of nobles believed they were fit to rule the Empire. It inevitably split the Nastirn into varying factions where the old tribes, clans, and cultures all unified with those of likemindedness. Many kings, emperors, rulers, tyrants, and more all argued that they were the best candidate to restore the empire. It was because of this mindset that eventually all factions fought the other and with the other at one point.

A tyrant from the region of Radian led an army and ravaged the Corderan people's livelihoods. The Dovers weren't fond of their cruel ruler either and instead revolted against him, founding the Kingdom. The Corderans demanded reparations for what they've done but the Dovers insisted they weren't at fault for the misdeeds of their ruler. This would seed the heated rivalry between the Doven and Cordero peoples.

Cultural Renaissance

Duration 1460-1580

By the late period of the Feudal Age, new cultures and identities began to emerge, a Cultural Renaissance as many called it. Eventually, the coming generation decided to leave the Nastirn years behind and to seek out new aspirations. As a result, iconic cultures were born, such as the Corderans, the Dovers, and more!

Enlightenment Era

Duration: 1580-1784

The Enlightenment Era was about leaving the fight for the past behind. The focus became one of intellectual pursuits. It ranged from defining culture, the pursuit of making advancements, and the struggle for societal structuring.

The key defining moment was the warring between Cordero and Doven. Their rivalry flared during this age. At first the Corderans integrated the exiled Stliken into their society and it stirred unease with a handful of other powers, namely the Kingdom of Doven. Often the two warred over power balances to ensure neither side could overwhelm the other.

Late in the Enlightenment Era, Cordero took a terrible blow with the loss of holding its Miral buffer state. This loss outraged the Corderan masses and a revolution took place to tear down the weak Octmor king. What wasn’t meant to happen, however, was an elusive cabal known as the Artisans who took over the country’s leadership. The people were naturally skeptical of their intentions at first but the improvements that came to Cordero eased their fears.

Industrial Era

Duration 1784 - Present (1816)

“You would think they would get along with such dangerous toys.”

“After Emperor Kahlen’s death, why would they?”

Edwin and Ellen Thomter

An explosion of ingenuity! The Industrial Era begins with the rise of steam-powered machinery, flying ships sailing across the skies, and the ability to mass produce items more reliably. Of course, both Cordero and Doven argue who developed the steam power first. With great technological advancements means just as great weaponry enhancements between the greatest superpowers present.

What doesn’t help the stability of the continent is that the Artisans began turning the bitterness and anger of Corderans into a disciplined and militaristic culture to ready them in ultimately defeating the Kingdom of Doven. To make the instability of the world even more dire, Cordero has even attacked some of the lesser countries to better test their equipment in the early Industrial Era.

Dovers, on the other hand, have been riding the thrill on the spoils of war from the previous generation and the tech of the times. If you were to ask a Dover about Cordero, you’ll get one of two answers: Either Cordero is merely puffing its chest to prove something or that they truly are becoming a threat that needs to be stopped.

To the lesser nations, such as Kern, Otsukai, Miral, and more, they all have aligned themselves accordingly with Cordero and Doven, so an all out war would take place should one side stir trouble. Because of the advancements in Cordero and Doven, may whatever deity you praise save you because many are confident that they would get blown back to the Nastirn Era of development!

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