AID Institute

Anomaly Investigation and Detainment

Anomaly. Anything that originates outside of the normal material world or functions abnormally to mundane standards.
— Requirements for the AID Institute to investigate

AID Institute Overview

The AID Institute is an organization within the Arturias setting that sends out personnel to collect and investigate any strange phenomena, items, or creatures. Even the major powers of Cordero and Doven offer financial backing to the Institute to ensure that nothing disrupts mundane life.



A tightly organized and fairly small circle of eight directors manage the AID Institute. Their purpose is to make a consensus to the management of anomalies. This can be studying and obtaining to even determining the fate of an anomaly if it is to be destroyed or released.

Because of the Institute's purpose, even Kordgelle gets involved at times and is considered an unofficial director.


Researchers are the main backbone of the Institute. Usually one researcher is tasked with the responsibility of studying either a small collection of pliant anomalies or a whole team is dedicated to one volatile anomaly.


Personnel refers to a catch-all term to guards and private security that help secure the detainment of anomalies or are sent out to gather anomalies.

Severity Rating

These code words determine how much caution is required when handling anomalies.


Pliant anomalies are easy to manage and detain. They can still be dangerous but so long as you do not trigger that danger, nothing bad can possibly happen. Any experiments involving pliant anomalies requires the approval of any single researcher.


Erratic anomalies can be tricky to maintain. Recurring checkups are needed to ensure they remain detained or they could breakout. Any experiments involving erratic anomalies requires the approval from a research team or from a single director.


Volatile anomalies are dangerous and pose a major threat to civilzation as a whole. They are to be monitored at all times to ensure that they do not breach containment. Any experiments involving them require the entirety of the directors to approve.

Public Agenda

"Investigate and mitigate," is the motto of the Institute. Arturias is constantly threatened by deific actions or planar realm influences, but also the workings of mortals, both intentionally and unintentionally. The Institute hopes to gather these anomalies and ensure they don't continue to disrupt mundane life, or at least, have the knowledge necessary to prevent them from harming it.

Investigate and Mitigate

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