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Beginner’s Guide to the Florenic Worlds

Table of Contents
  • Welcome to the Florenic Worlds
  • Shared Commonalities
  • Lore of the Worlds
  • Florenic Worlds
  • New Racial Options

    Welcome to the Florenic Worlds

    Welcome to the Florenic Worlds! Like with many fantasy settings, it is hard to get into them if you do not know what to expect. This article is meant to be a broad overview of what to expect as a whole. Each world will have its own Beginner’s Guide article that goes more in-depth of that setting’s specifics.

    What are the Florenic Worlds?

    The Florenic Worlds, named after Florenelle, are a set of loosely connected material worlds that exist in the same universe. What each world has in common are the planar realms. That is what keeps them conjoined in one massive expanse. Because they share the same planar realms, many repeating creatures, factors, and themes will be seen.

    In a real world sense, the entire premise of these settings all began with Florenelle to be used as a 5e homebrew setting, hence why it’s called the Florenic Worlds. It’s also why this World Anvil will have a lot of material or focus on Florenelle content. Overtime, wanting to create entirely new setups, Duovia came next, though with the assumption of it being its own canon at first. Then came Faunerro, and not wanting to create entirely new planar realms to consider and let it be generic, it was decided to incorporate all these worlds into one consistent universe.

    So, the Florenic Worlds were made official. All these worlds shared into one multiverse.

    Using this Site

    The goal overall is to separate into these core sections: Materials for T.T.R.P.G. gameplay (like Dungeons and Dragons and Fate Core), content and universal rules that are consistent for all Florenic Worlds, and content meant for each individual Florenic World after that. Any confusions and questions can be directed to me, MrBauta, as I’m always happy to answer questions.

    Shared Commonalities

    Alignments and Dichotomies

    Within the writing and lore of the Florenic Worlds, there is both a subtle and major influence through alignments and dichotomies brought on by the core planes. One’s own natural development can mean the shifting to another alignment. The focus around the alignments are defined as such:

    Chaos (Brought by the Averse). Chaos is about change and the freedom to do as you please. Its innate strength is having the freedom to do what you please. Its flaw is a lack of cohesion and turmoil that can arise if left uncontrolled.

    Evil (Brought by Inferna). Evil is about putting one’s selfish ambitions over others, especially when unnecessary suffering could have been prevented. Its innate strength is a path to having power for you to have. Its flaw is avarice and how it often alienates those around you.

    Good (Brought by Haven). Good is about providing wellbeing or kindness to others. Its innate strength is about it can create a sense of hope and positivity. Its flaw is being idealistic, or worse, creating a sense of purity for those who aren’t “good.”

    Law (Brought by Dictation). Law is about how rules and laws keep a sense of structure. Its innate strength is about how these limitations help provide a sense of control and predictability for the world. Its innate flaw is a lack of morality with how both evil and good suffer under the same punishments.

    Newcomer Alignments

    These alignments are more subtle and focus on your outlook on life as a whole. This dichotomy implies how you approach life as a whole. To be neutral between these two is to show you have a balanced sense of curiosity and caution for life.

    Joy (Brought by Elvarid). To be joyful is to be optimistic about what life has to offer you. Its innate strength is about being able to enter into situations with confidence.Its flaw is being impulsive and possibly getting overwhelmed.

    Woe (Brought by the Fell). To be woeful about life is to be pessimistic for the things to come. Its innate strength is about being cautious both with strangers and situations. Its innate flaw is fatalism, as in defaulting that situations are predetermined and that it’s futile to change them.

    Kordgelle’s Secrecy

    By default, the people of the Florenic Worlds are not aware of other Florenic Worlds or other Dungeons and Dragons multiverses!

    The reason for this is that Kordgelle is a lone creator within the setting. To attract the attention of other planar powers would mean stressing about not only The Gathering getting loose but of other multiverse gods influencing the Florenic Worlds. The only exception to this are “Florenic Explorers,” such as the Thomter Twins and Petton Dyrovius. Florenic Explorers are few, much to Kordgelle’s ire, that go around and explore what secrets the One in Yellow Wraps hides from everyone.

    Themes and Tropes

    Each Florenic World have their own themes to help keep them interesting and iconic from the other. It’s also a fun exploration of those topics and exploring their nuances.

    Arturias. The fragility of society due to conflict and the dehumanizing nature of massive systems over what is practical.

    Duovia. Overcoming darkness, whether of one’s own personal struggles or the looming evils around us all.

    Faunerro. The importance and complexity of morality as both immortal and mortal fight for what is right, or, if there even is a right.

    Florenelle. The cost of war and fighting. The past will always find a way to come back to haunt the current day if old wounds never heal.

    Planar Influences

    The planar realms play a big part in the Florenic worlds as they are the forces that fight to sculpt the material planes or mortals call upon them for aid. The Florenic Worlds all share the same realms but they may not manifest the same way. For example, in Florenelle, demons of Inferna run a mafia style business in pursuit of power through the Infernal Clan. In Faunerro, the powers of Inferna instead vie for the corruption or destruction of the Kingdom of Ardentry through the Cult of Maledict.

    For a complete list of the Florenic realms, click here: Realms

    For a quick rundown, this article goes over further details about the planar realms:

    Beginner’s Guide to the Florenic Planes
    Generic article | Apr 28, 2023

    A Quick Guide to the Florenic Planar Worlds

    Lore of the Florenic Worlds

    Primordial Beginning

    In the beginning, there were the creators. They were the ones who dabbled with Paradise, the Realm of Energy and the Null, the Realm of Entropy to make Genoro, the Realm of Creation. The elementals got to work on making material worlds to the Creator’s liking.

    The vren, the first mortal creatures, were made. Troubles arose when they did not do much besides compete mindlessly for resources to grow and develop. The answer became making the other planar realms such as Haven, Inferna, and more, to add further depth to their struggle for development. This changed the vren from fighting for basic needs to more spiritual and moral causes.

    Worlds like Duovia and Faunerro were made first to test out these planar worlds. Florenelle, however, was the last to be made. It was the culmination of all their creation knowledge to spawn the material world with all these planar factors in mind.

    The Genesis War

    Looking down with a smile on what they made, each Creator wanted their cosmic ant farm to praise them for granting them their life and wellbeing. Of course, the knowledge of other creators caused some creations to adore other masters. Of course, some creators were inviting to their new followings and encouraged it. This brewed jealousy and outrage amongst the creators and they sought to punish their ungrateful spawn. This began the Genesis War, a vast cosmic tantrum, as some would put it.

    Creators and creations warred with each other. Great devastation ravaged some parts of the material worlds. Oceania is one entire continent flooded over by such primordial wrath. Those creations who did not wish to be affected saw what was to come for their idleness and turned on the creators to prevent further unneeded devastation.

    The first creator to fall did so in great agony. It did not die, however, it instead ruptured forth a terrible abomination that tore up the attacking creations. More and more, creations caused these nightmares to spawn and wreak even more havoc.

    Kordgelle, the One in Yellow Wraps

    Kordgelle, the last creator, was mostly spared from the war. He did not want to participate in the fighting and merely documented everything about the creation process. He took it upon himself to round up these abominations and banish them deep in the Averse into their own prison called the Entropic Void. Thus, they got their name, “the Gathering.”

    As the only Creator, Kordgelle vowed an oath of neutrality to the creations not to involve himself in their daily lives. He would only do so if there was something vastly beyond their control, such as the Gathering and its influence. Time, along with subtly of his own loyal creations, Kordgelle would cause the creations to forget about the Genesis War’s repercussions and have their own lives to worry about, as was intended long ago.

    Alone in his tower in the vast astral sea, Kordgelle oversees the integrity of the Florenic Worlds. He still enjoys spectating the daily lives of mortals but the Gathering distracts him. If he could find a permanent solution in ensuring their removal, he would.

    Florenic Worlds

    Here are some of the currently established and canon Florenic Worlds.


    In a vast steampunk world, Arturias is a world that is undoubtedly a little more technologically advanced compared to the other worlds. Use of steam engines and flying ships are a common sight to see as people go by. What could be wrong with such clever ingenuity? Warfare. The powerful countries of Cordero and Doven stare the other down. Many fear that one wrong move will mean using new destructive weapons that will devastate entire armies, if not cities.

    Beginner’s Guide to Arturias
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    A Quick Guide to the Arturias Setting


    The powers of Paradise and the Null have clashed here long ago. The residue of those realms still linger in differing pockets. Those born on the positive-influenced lands are beautiful and majestic with a bright outlook on things. Those born of the negative-influenced lands are intimidating and brutish with gloomy perspectives on life.

    Beginner's Guide to Duovia
    Generic article | Mar 31, 2024

    Coming Soon!


    The Kingdom of Ardentry was founded by celestial beings called caels long ago in the Divine Age. The kingdom prospered for a quiet 1,000 years of peace and tranquility. Mortals lived happily and trusted each other easily. Any grievances were more accidental than intentional as everyone looked up to their friendly cael that watched over them.

    It all ended when foul demons called vicians attacked en masse, sparking the infamous Incursion! Caught by surprise, it took the caels awhile to ready themselves and help their mortals push back the Infernal menace to the Western Wastes. There, the vicians reside with their corrupted mortal followers.

    Because of this, the Divine Age quickly became the Shattered Age as the vicians had awakened the selfish desires of mortals from their attack. Now, the obscurity of moral grayness prevails. The earnest intentions of your fellow mortal now come under scrutiny. Trust is not so easily obtained anymore as the Cult of Maledict and the divine Church of the Reverie stare the other down over the Kingdom of Ardentry.

    Beginner’s Guide to Faunerro
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    A Quick Guide to the Faunerro Setting


    Long ago in Florenelle’s history, there came the Vren who started the Arcane Renaissance. As they founded the iconic schools of magic in Florenelle, the last one to be formed was necromancy. Introduced by Arkengrath, the terrifying consequences of what this dark magic could do shocked many people. Hoping to stop this madness, the Consulate tried to wipe it all away. Arkengrath and his supporters, the Arkonian Order, fought back.

    The “winners,” if you could call them that, were the Coalition against necromancy. In the ashes of what was left, they banished the Order to the Fell and worked with other surviving powers to rebuild. Thus, the Restoration Era was born. In this era, the old Coalition members try to stay alert of Arkonia’s actions even to this day as they try to fix what was lost. The Order, itching to be free from their Fell exiling, may just be desperate enough to restore their fallen master if it means being free from that wretched realm.

    To add more chaos to the mix are the powers on the Continent of Calvora. These colonial powers, the Kingdom of Trinidad and Triumvirate Alliance war with each other for dominance. To contest old NecroWar powers would be foolish! Or would it, as they did not suffer as much loss as the other key Coalition members?

    Beginner's Guide to Florenelle
    Generic article | Apr 28, 2023

    A Quick Guide to the Florenelle Setting

    New Racial Options

    The following are frequently seen races in the Florenic Worlds. Their lore, as one would expect, differs between settings. In terms of their behavior and appearance, stays the same.


    Made up of solidified black goo called bleth, these constructs are often made to serve. Their inside materials, like organs, blood, and eyes, are a light creamy white. They are often made to be servants, helpers, and soldiers.

    Species | Oct 19, 2022

    Artificial servants of the Florenic Worlds


    Twitchy humanoid rats, the roden are a fun and chaotic mess. They are confident in numbers and try to slink away when caught alone. As a whole, roden are slippery sneaks that are dangerous if left unchecked.

    Species | Sep 27, 2023

    Small humanoid rats that love attacking in number!


    Strangely alien in appearance yet of the mortal world, vren have a keen mind on the ways of arcana. In Florenelle, Vrexen is their home country and the birthplace of the Arcane Renaissance. In Faunerro, they are the Precursors who left behind advanced technology after disappearing with mysterious circumstances.

    Species | Mar 1, 2023

    Natural adepts of the arcane.

    Florenelle’s Calendar

    The following calendar is shared across the Florenic Worlds.

    For players, here are some rulings to expect in MrBauta’s games:

    Bauta's 5th Edition Homebrew Rules
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    Rules and Mechanics used in Games

    Florenic Discord


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