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Cult of Maledict (maL-uh-dikt)

A Cult that seeks Domination


Where the Reverie’s pantheon is constructed around the wellbeing of people and civilization, Maledict intends to be its opposite. It is a focus on the harshness of realities and the cruelty within others. Vicians that lead Maledict are known to have endured their specialties to a harsh extent, as such, knowing how to fully inflict that suffering on others.

The Deviser

The Deviser is a cunning and smart being who every vician fears to upset. The fools who oppose the Deviser are horrifically made into examples for others. Though he is fair and just, one ought to be careful with your approach if he reaches out to you.


An overlord holds a strong and innate great power over the actions in Maledict. It is said that the Deviser chose these individuals to manage key positions for the Cult. Where the Reverie has blessed races as humans, stouts, elves, and more, these overlords instead have “corrupted” as their chosen preference.

Alkaran, the Exiled

Alkaran, an outcasted cael, is the one who gives homes to the outsiders, the outcasts, and the rejects. What unites them all the most is their passion to get revenge on those who wronged them. His primary role within Maledict is setting up chapters to gain more followers. The laziness or inaction is scorned by him and his followers. There is always a task for someone to do.

The roden are his corrupted.

Desideri, the Coveted

Desideri acts as the treasurer and collector of the cult. Should someone need something, she is the best candidate to find what you desire. For a price, of course. Within Inferna she is known to have a vast museum dedicated to her curiosities. Stealing is one sin she and her followers hates the most.

Dragons and their descendants are her corrupted.

Irator, the Enforcer

Irator embodies pride and authority. This vician is the martial over the wicked armies of Maledict. For many, he is considered the second beneath the Deviser. Weakness is looked down upon but to kill someone instead of improving their ability is scorned by him even more.

Orcs are his corrupted.

Sidresk, the Bleak

Sidresk is about spreading a dark and hopeless nihilism. It is said that he is the heart of Inferna that scorns the material world. Because he is a being that hails from the Fell, he has allowed Maledict new strategies by tapping into causing lycanthropy, vampirism, and other monstrous transformations. Cowardice is scorned by this vician.

Undead are his corrupted.

Verita, the Betrayed

Verita is about lies and corruption. The complexities of subterfuge, spying, information are what Verita and her followers are tasked with within the Kingdom of Ardentry. Of course, her rivals also need to be kept in line as betrayal is something she does not take lightly.

Dark elves, called inferiin, are her corrupted.


A lord is a true champion and leader under one of the overlords. They hold and rule over key areas either within the Western Wastes or in Inferna instead.


Tyrants are entrusted leaders beneath their lord. What task they are given can vary from ruling over a community or leading an army.


Overseers act as agents under a tyrant, lord, or overlord. They often act as fanatical cult leaders over a congregation.


Subjects are the lackeys and followers of a congregation. They are usually obedient and reliable if they hope to get even further with the Cult.


Desire for Power

Power is the only thing that Maledians answer to first and foremost. To be on top is a great desire of every member. As a result, one of their greatest weaknesses is betrayal. To be a Maledian is to live a cold life of constant power dynamics with your associates.

Hatred of Existence

Those who become devoted to Maledict gain an underlying hatred for existence. Not only their own but of fate putting them in such a wretched world. It is only when they either destroy all or take full control of everything will they possibly find just a sliver of contentment.

Selfish at Heart

The self is the only thing that matters to a Maledian. Their luxury, their wellbeing, everything. It is why an imp may serve a mortal, as it is a chance of living with a bit more quality of life if their former master barely provided any.

Public Agenda


Maledict seeks to obtain power. Power over others, power over fate, and power over the world. Only through this path can one instill their will on the world instead.


Maledict began similarly to the Reverie but far more quietly and afar. Deep underground, these creatures festered in their caverns. As they watched the Kingdom of Ardentry develop from afar, the hordes grew with envy and contempt. Such hatred would inevitably grow into the infamous Incursion.

The vicians maneuvered through their caverns and into prime positions for just the right moment. With little warning, Maledict pounced. The Vicians not only destroyed and killed what was in their way, they also corrupted the mortals to aid them. Being that they are selfish creatures, it was only natural. The best part with the Incursion’s beginning would be the shock that the caels had, slowing them down severely in retaliating.

Their joy would all come to an end eventually. The mortals were swift to adapt and the direct presence of caels made their efforts all the more easier. Maledict would then be pushed back to the outer borders of charted maps where the Incursion had effectively ended.

In the aftermath, most Maledians alongside their vician masters reside within the Western Wastes.

Granted Divine Powers

Infernal Wounds

I have seen one tormented farmer be inflicted with an Infernal wound during one of my quests in Dulnmoor. The poor man had screamed in agony for four days as we ventured onward to the nearest chapel for aid. Even in the night, his groans and whimpering kept us up at night, saddening our hearts as we were helpless to aid him.

By the time he had received his aid, the wound, which started from his side, had spread across his chest and stomach. Once he was saved, the poor victim had a renewed sense of peace as he slept all day long.

— Arnsley Dorian, Inquisitor Captain

One of the clearest signs of Infernal influence is the cruel ability to inflict an infernal wound. Should a victim receive such an injury, the sight of the wound will burn and sting with pain. Mundane means of medicine will not cure the victim, it will only hinder its progress of spreading. Divine means of holy water or restoration is only confirmed means of ridding this injury.

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The Dark Curse of the Vicians

Power is all that matters!

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